Who is Graham Foster in EastEnders? Freddie’s father explained

He returns in new scenes as Freddie looks for him.

EastEnders marks the return of a past character in Freddie Slater’s paternity storyline.

The teen, played by Bobby Brazier, is set on finding his biological father Graham Foster, unaware of the dramatic truth relating to his conception.

Portrayed by Alex McSweeney, Graham first appeared on Albert Square in 2003. During his two-year stint on the BBC soap, the character sexually assaulted Little Mo Slater (Kacey Ainsworth), who got pregnant with Freddie, and had to stand trial for his crime.

Let’s dive into Graham’s time in Walford and how his terrible past actions weigh on the Slaters 18 years on.

Who is Graham Foster?

Graham was first introduced to EastEnders in November 2003 as a customer of the Queen Vic.

He befriended Little Mo, with the two bonding over their shared love of crosswords. However, Graham had ulterior motives for his interest in Mo and, one night, he made his intentions clear by trying to kiss her when they were alone in the pub.

Despite Mo’s repeated rejections, Graham couldn’t take ‘no’ for an answer and raped her on the Vic’s floor, resulting in the conception of Freddie.

Little Mo’s father, Charlie (Derek Martin), assaulted Graham upon learning about what he did to his daughter, getting his cab driver licence suspended and facing three months in jail.

Mo’s rapist added insult to injury by asking for compensation, forcing Mo’s sister Kat (Jessie Wallace) and her then-husband Alfie Moon (Shane Richie) to borrow £10,000 from her ex Andy Hunter (Michael Higgs).

But justice would come for Graham too when he finally stood trial for sexual assault in November 2004.

What happened to Graham Foster in EastEnders?


Graham stood in court for having raped Mo, who gave her account of the incident, backed by her husband Billy Mitchell (Perry Fenwick).

During the trial, Graham’s mum Deirdre (Patricia Brake) informed Mo that Graham had two daughters, Ella and Rebecca, from a previous marriage that he wasn’t in touch with.

Under oath, Graham tried to appeal to the judge by lying about often visiting his daughters. However, he was blindsided when Mo’s barrister revealed it had been over three years since he last saw them.

Furious, Graham shouted at his mother from the dock, realising she must’ve told Mo about Ella and Rebecca.

He was eventually sentenced to eight years in prison, but appeared again in 2005 when he requested a visit from Billy.

During their encounter, Graham goaded Mo’s husband about not being Freddie’s biological father, insisting the boy would grow up to look like him. He further enraged Billy by hinting at being excited about meeting Freddie once he’d be out of prison.

It looks like Graham’s wish is about to come true as the character is due to appear in new scenes as Freddie discovers his identity.

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