What Happened To Ross McHarg After Below Deck Season 10?

Ross McHarg joined Below Deck season 10 as a Bosun, and he’s gotten into trouble. He had a boatmance with Katie Glaser and disrespected production.

Ross McHarg joined Below Deck season 10 as a Bosun, and he’s gotten into trouble during his appearance on the show. Although he seemed to work well with the crew members in his department aboard the St. David, his suspicious and flirtatious behavior was concerning to both other crew members and viewers. Captain Lee Rosbach and Captain Sandy Yawn enjoyed working with Ross during the charter season, but he wasn’t innocent due to the drama he was involved in.

On Below Deck season 10, Ross was most known for his boatmance with deckhand Katie Glaser throughout the charter season, which was anything but smooth sailing. While the two seemed to connect instantly and had great chemistry with one another, Ross wasn’t faithful to her and didn’t treat her with respect. On crew nights out, he was either flirting with second stew Alissa Humber, or eyeing and talking to other women at the bar. Ross’ life is very different now after his stint on Below Deck.

Ross Hasn’t Been Active On Instagram In Months

Since Below Deck season 10 finished airing, Ross has been noticeably inactive on Instagram. The last post Ross shared was on March 25, which included two photos of him surfing in Uluwatu Beach, Indonesia. Ross captioned the post, “How it started………and how it finished.” Below Deck season 10 didn’t have a reunion, so viewers weren’t able to get any further updates about Ross outside social media. It’s unclear why he hasn’t posted on his account in awhile.

Ross Was Accused Of Inappropriate Behavior By Below Deck Makeup Artist

Below Deck's Ross McHarg and Katie Glaser

Ross’ unusual behavior on Below Deck season 10 wasn’t only noticed by viewers, but also by the show’s makeup artist, Samantha Suarez. According to Rolling Stone, Samantha accused Below Deck Sailing Yacht star Gary King of sexual misconduct, while also sharing comments about Ross. The makeup artist revealed that Ross was making inappropriate comments toward her during a car ride, “He was just making these weird, lewd, sexual, gross comments toward me to the point where the other boys in the car were like, ‘Shut up Ross, why are you saying these things to her?’” Samantha noted that she told production about these comments, but they did nothing about it.

Will Ross Return For Below Deck Season 11?

Below Deck Season 10 Cast

Amid all the drama surrounding Ross both on and off-camera, it’s unlikely that he will return for Below Deck season 11. The Bosun wasn’t a fan-favorite, and his strange behavior made all of his scenes difficult to watch when they were airing. Katie and Alissa probably won’t be coming back either, which doesn’t give Ross much of a reason to be on Below Deck anymoreRoss’ absence from social media could also hint that he wants to live a more private life away from the Below Deck franchise.

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