What happened to Rocky Dakota after Below Deck Season 3?

One of the main stars of Below Deck Season 3 was 3rd Stewardess Raquel Dakota, also known as Rocky.

Even though she was in the spotlight of the show, she wasn’t exactly loved by the viewers.

Fans were quick to criticize her lack of work ethic and even suggested that she only went on the series for fame and not for a job opportunity.

To make matters worse, she had a pretty intense boatmance with Bosun Eddie Lucas, who was in a relationship with another woman at the same time.

Nevertheless, Rocky left right after her Season 3 debut and has not been back to the show since. What happened to her? Is she still in the yachting industry? Here’s what we know.

What happened to Below Deck’s Rocky Dakota from Season 3?

Judging by her social media, Rocky doesn’t seem to be a stewardess anymore.

Instead, she regularly posts religious posts on her Instagram to her nearly 75,000 followers. IG is the only platform that she is still active on. Her current career isn’t public information.

During the Season 3 reunion, the former reality TV star revealed that she didn’t exactly have yacht experience before joining the show.

“Well I went to culinary school and I thought I was gonna be the sous chef, and then I was the third-ranking stew, the lowest ranking cleaning lady. I never cleaned a yacht in my life,” she said.

So, based on her lack of experience in the yachting industry, Rocky might not be making a return to the show. But, only time will tell.

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