Theo Hawthorne humiliates Stacey and manipulates Freddie

The stalker has manipulated the whole Slater clan.

Theo Hawthorne (William Ellis) continued his vile behaviour in tonight’s EastEnders (2nd October), as it was revealed that he’d also manipulated Freddie Slater (Bobby Brazier) in his campaign against Stacey (Lacey Turner) and her family.

As a new week began on the BBC soap, Stacey shared a peaceful moment with new granddaughter Charli, and her voice could be heard talking about men – the good and the bad ones.

Stacey described how they mustn’t let men like stalker Theo ruin their lives, as she promised that she, Charli, Lily (Lillia Turner) and Jean (Gillian Wright) would have so much fun together.

But first, there was the matter of the Stalking Protection Order Hearing, and Stacey’s anger was further fuelled when Martin Fowler (James Bye) showed her the posters of her in her lingerie that Theo had plastered all over Albert Square.

Stacey planned to confront Theo, but he was already on his way to court.

A despondent Lacey Turner as Stacey Slater with James Bye as Martin Fowler speaking behind her in EastEnders.
Lacey Turner as Stacey Slater with James Bye as Martin Fowler in EastEnders. BBC

Freddie, meanwhile, was thrown to receive a message from his father, rapist Graham Foster (Alex McSweeney), and we saw the teen urge Stacey to attend the hearing and speak up for herself.

Freddie then went to confront Graham over raping Freddie’s mum Little Mo (Kacey Ainsworth), and Graham insisted that Mo had led him on and was lying. Freddie was disgusted, but Graham ordered him out and threatened to call the police.

With Martin, Jean and Kat Mitchell (Jessie Wallace) by her side, Stacey burst into the courtroom just as a police detective was laying out the case against Theo.

But with the judge only interested in “hard facts”, things looked to be going Theo’s way. Theo’s solicitor then took the stand and delivered a scathing character assassination based on Stacey’s sex camera work.

Unable to bear listening to any more, Stacey stood up and listed everything that Theo had done to her.

Theo Hawthorne's phone showing social media accounts for 'Theo Hawthorne', 'Bradley Branning', 'Erica Unwin', 'Graham Foster', and 'Stacey Slater'.
Theo Hawthorne’s phone. BBC

But although the judge declared that Theo’s advances have been inappropriate, the Stalking Protection Order was rejected. Stacey was broken as she recalled her earlier promise to Charli.

But as she wondered where she goes from here as the “bad man” won’t pay, Theo was seen on his phone, with multiple bogus social media accounts active.

One such account was under Graham’s name, and it became clear that it was Theo who had got in touch with Freddie. Will Theo ever be stopped?

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