Young and Restless

THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS Spoilers: Will Sally and Adam Reunite?

Nothing is certain in these THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS spoilers, so watch your step! Adam and Sally continue to grow closer, Tucker puts Phyllis in her place, and Lily has some shocking news for Devon that could change the future of Chancellor/Winters forever!

Sally may currently be in a relationship with Nick, but her connection to Adam has never been completely severed. And they will always be bonded by the loss of their daughter. Still, Adam is a little taken aback when Sally makes an unexpected proposition. “Are you suggesting that we… have dinner together?” he asks. Sitting next to him at the bar, Sally shakes her head and admits to her own surprise: “Apparently… I am.”

Is Chancellor/Winters in danger?CBS

Phyllis is starting to feel like she may be in over her head where Tucker is concerned. “This is too serious of a game for me,” she confesses to him at the CGAC. “I need to know the name of the company that —“ But Tucker interrupts and cuts her off. “No,” he declares. “You don’t need to know until I decide you need to know.” Will Phyllis cut her losses or continue working with Tucker and potentially get dragged down with him?

Lily has some seriously concerning news for Devon. “Victor now wants out of Chancellor/Winters,” she reports. “And what’s worse is that he’s privately sold off his stake to a third party already.” Stunned, Devon asks, “Who’s the third-party investor?” Lily sighs and admits: “That is the million-dollar question.”

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