Stacey Slater makes fatal mistake with stalker Theo Hawthorne in EastEnders

THEO Hawthorne is working hard to get Stacey Slater’s attention after growing obsessed with her.

Unaware of his scheming, the EastEnders favourite played by Lacey Turner puts herself in the firing line next week.

Theo Hawthorne has grown obsessed with Stacey Slater

Theo Hawthorne has grown obsessed with Stacey SlaterCredit: BBC

But she has no idea what he's up to

But she has no idea what he’s up toCredit: BBC

She opts for letting him down gently next week

She opts for letting him down gently next weekCredit: BBC

Stacey Slater has made it clear she’s in no way interested in the creepy teacher played by William Ellis in the BBC One soap.

Theo was first introduced amid Freddie Slater’s ADHD diagnosis storyline and has since taken a liking to Stacey and her family.

He began tutoring a pregnant Lily Slater for free, which meant that Stacey, Jean and the rest of the Slater clan became grateful for his involvement.

Little does anybody know that Theo is creeping up on Stacey over on Secret Cam under a fake name.

This resulted in him stalking Stacey in secret as he tries to convince her to give him a chance romantically despite her not feeling any sort of chemistry.

Coming up, Theo invites Stacey for a drink sensing her angst towards her upcoming viability assessment to check if she’s a suitable guardian to Lily’s baby.

A delusional Theo assumes it’s a date, and is later ruffled when Eve Unwin (Heather Peace) gate crashes.

Elsewhere, Stacey encourages Eve to move on with a new love interest of her own after she ignores her calls.

However, Eve claps back and insists Stacey should stop leading Theo on.

This prompts Stacey to later clarify her friendship with Theo but how will he react?

In later scenes, Stacey supports Eve as she reels from recent events and advises her against seeing somebody from her past.

Whilst Stacey prepares for her visit from the social workers, Eve goes against her wishes.

Later on, back home, Eve bursts into a fit of rage and trashes the kitchen when Theo feigns concern for her wellbeing.

Lily and Stacey distract the social worker but could Theo convince Stacey to get rid of Eve?

EastEnders airs from Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

Eve gate crashes Theo and Stacey's date

Eve gate crashes Theo and Stacey’s dateCredit: BBC

Could Theo try to get rid of Stacey's pal?

Could Theo try to get rid of Stacey’s pal?

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