Spoilers: Samson is horrified as vile ra*pist Craig twists events with Lydia

Lydia’s (Karen Blick) ordeal rumbles on in Emmerdale in the aftermath of her rape, and in an excruciating turn of events, her own family – starting with her stepson – turn on her.

Samson, Craig and Lydia talk in the pub in Emmerdale

Craig manipulates Samson

Lydia has just been trying to survive ever since Craig raped her on his office sofa, and then proceeded to torment and stalk her. She’s become a shell of herself and instead of attempting to see what’s wrong, her loved ones have done the opposite.

One such person is stroppy teen Samson, who is only too quick to verbally attack Lydia when he doesn’t get his own way, oblivious as he is to her plight.

Having been sacked from his work experience by Craig (Ben Addis) on Lydia’s say so, Samson is angry and is only too pleased to be heading back to the Piccologica offices to meet with Craig to find out why he was dropped unceremoniously.

This is a golden moment for Craig too, who, having been branded a rapist by Lydia, is keen to discredit her. The psychopathic developer manages to twist everything to suit his own version of events, leading gullible Samson to believe Lydia is cheating on his dad.

Mandy corners Samson about his phone call in Emmerdale
Mandy wants answers (Picture: ITV)

Craig’s disgustingly smug smile returns as he welcomes Samson back into his fold. But Samson is too disgusted to keep what he’s heard to himself and blabs to Cathy (Gabrielle Dowling) a bit too loudly on the phone, and Mandy (Lisa Riley) overhears.

Having already aired her suspicions to a disapproving Chas (Lucy Pargeter), Mandy is also now convinced of Lydia’s infidelity. A distraught Lydia is horrified when Mandy confronts her – all on the overheard word of disgruntled teenager Samson – which forces an overwhelmed and devastated Lydia to break down and flee.

The only hope is that one day this will all come out and Craig will get his comeuppance, but will Lydia ever be able to forgive Samson for his horrible betrayal during the worst time of her life? Will he blab to Sam and ruin their marriage once and for all?

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