Spoilers for next week: Cindy Beale’s explosive return and Peter’s discovery

EastEnders spoilers for next week tease explosive scenes in Walford, as Cindy Beale returns from the dead and comes face-to-face with her secret family and other residents

EastEnders will air possibly the biggest scenes of the year so far on the BBC soap next week, as a Walford legend finally returns.

Cindy Beale makes her big comeback to Albert Sqaure after 25 years away, with residents believing she had died in 1998. What viewers now know is that she went into witness protection, before she married George Knight and had two daughters with him – while leaving behind the Beales.

George and his daughters, who were ditched by Cindy AKA Rose Knight in 2014, are now in Walford. As Cindy makes her return she must come face-to-face with residents and the Beales she left behind, as well as her secret second family the Knights. Here’s the unmissable moments unfolding on EastEnders next week…

EastEnders is set for explosive scenes next week

EastEnders is set for explosive scenes next week

Cindy Beale returns to Walford

EastEnders is set for explosive scenes next week when Cindy Beale returns to Walford, and comes face-to-face with her secret daughters as her past is exposed. In upcoming scenes, Cindy meets with son Peter, who takes a call from Ian with the latter demanding he get his mum back to France. However, when his back is turned, Cindy heads to Albert Square in search of Kathy. Desperate to not be seen, Cindy has to avoid those who knew her from many years ago.

Later, with no luck in the café, Cindy heads to No.45 to face the music and it’s not long before all hell breaks loose between the women. However, things go from bad to worse when Ian arrives desperate to get Cindy away, but she is stopped in her tracks by George, who has just exited The Vic.

Peter’s discovery

Peter Beale makes a discovery

Peter Beale makes a discovery

Peter Beale makes a discovery as his father Ian Beale’s real intentions are revealed amid Cindy’s return to Albert Square. Ian is left upset about something and he hides away in the Launderette.

Peter heads to his dad’s side and soon realises the real reason his dad didn’t want Cindy to return to Albert Square. What could it be and will Peter be shocked? Despite his father’s feelings, Peter heads to The Vic to celebrate Anna’s birthday but it’s not long before Ian arrives looking for Cindy and he soon awkwardly bumps into Sharon and Phil, who are shocked to see him as the fallout of Cindy and Ian’s return sends shockwaves through Walford.

Cindy Jr returns?

EastEnders could soon air another big return

EastEnders could soon air another big return

EastEnders could soon air another big return on the BBC soap. Cindy’s daughter Cindy Jr, who was last mentioned on the show in 2021 prior to her mother coming back from the dead, has been teased for a comeback amid viewers hoping she will return.

Cindy Snr actress Michelle Collins has now addressed if she knows anything about a comeback for her onscreen daughter. Asked about Cindy Jr, Michelle said it was “possible” fans would see her back on screen. She teased: “I don’t know. I can’t really tell you too much about her but I know she is alive. That’s about all I know. But possibly, who knows!”

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