She’s back! 34 EastEnders pictures for next week reveal first look at Cindy Beale’s comeback as huge secrets are exposed

Peter meets up with Cindy in a remote location after she caught a flight to London (Picture: BBC)
Distracted Peter receives a call from Ian, who urges him to get Cindy to return to France (Picture: BBC)
With Peter's back turned, Cindy sneaks off and makes her way back to Walford (Picture: BBC)

EastEnders spoiler pictures for next week confirm chaos and conflict aplenty as Cindy Beale (Michelle Collins) stages her long-awaited comeback, and consider us very excited.

For a first look at the unmissable drama amid the monumental week, Metro.co.uk has a picture galley previewing all the twists to come so feast your eyes on it above.

With Peter (Thomas Law) having already made his way back to Walford in light of the discovery that he’s got two sisters he knew nothing about, Cindy is quick to follow suit, much to the horror of Ian (Adam Woodyatt).

Despite Ian’s pleas, Cindy isn’t returning to France any time soon and, without wasting a minute, she makes a beeline for 45 Albert Square, where she comes face-to-face with Kathy (Gillian Taylforth)!

She takes a look around her old stomping ground, determined to keep out of sight from prying eyes (Picture: BBC)
Cindy decides to track down Kathy, making a beeline for No. 45 Albert Square (Picture: BBC)
Kathy's world is turned upside down as she sets her sights on Cindy, who she believed to be dead (Picture: BBC)

Cue the drama.

Ian, meanwhile, catches a flight back home and breaks up the showdown between his lover and his mother, taking Cindy outside for some fresh air, where she comes face-to-face with ex-lover George Knight (Colin Salmon).

Bobby and Rocky chat, unaware of the drama unfolding back at No. 45 (Picture: BBC)
Anna and Gina get all dressed up to celebrate the former's 21st birthday (Picture: BBC)
Anna arrives at the Vic and is blown away by the effort everyone has gone to (Picture: BBC)

George is knocked for six upon setting his sights on Cindy, aka Rose, but his joy turns to sadness when he realises she’s not back for the girls and therefore he lies about their whereabouts.

Cindy, however, soon discovers that her beloved daughters Anna (Molly Rainford) and Gina (Francesca Henry) are inches away from her, with the former celebrating her 21st birthday in the pub.

EastEnders Week 36 gallery as Cindy returns
The EastEnders week we’ve all been waiting for – as Cindy stages her long-awaited comeback 
Her loved ones throw her a party to remember (Picture: BBC)
The birthday girl is overwhelmed (Picture: BBC)
Elaine had a key role in organising the celebrations (Picture: BBC)
It's certainly going to be a night to remember, that's for sure (Picture: BBC)

Without wasting a moment, Cindy heads straight for the Vic, where she’s confronted not only by her children, but by ghosts from the past who are stunned to find out that she’s alive.

Incredible, right? This is only part of what’s to come so, whatever you’re doing, do not miss EastEnders next week. Everyone is talking about it again, and rightfully so.

Ian arrives back in Walford for the first time in almost three years (Picture: BBC)
Cindy is taken aback by his presence, not having expected to see him (Picture: BBC)
But the bigger shock comes moments later, as Cindy is reunited with former flame George (Picture: BBC)
George is knocked for six, not having expected to see his beloved 'Rose' ever again (Picture: BBC)
Cindy is equally stunned, having no idea that George had moved to Walford (Picture: BBC)
The returning legend asks after her daughters, Gina and Anna (Picture: BBC)
Realising that her return has nothing to do with the girls, George lies, telling Cindy that they're in Spain - as he invites her for a quiet chat at the barrel store (Picture: BBC)
Ian pleads with Cindy to reconsider, fearing she might still be holding a candle for George (Picture: BBC)
Cindy, however, wants answers and therefore takes George up on his offer of a catch-up (Picture: BBC)
Will George also get the answers he's looking for as he quizzes Cindy on her sudden departure nine years earlier? (Picture: BBC)
Ian, meanwhile, heads to the launderette to reflect (Picture: BBC)
Peter shows up and Ian confides in him, revealing the real reason he was adamant Cindy could never return to Walford (Picture: BBC)
Back at the Vic, the celebrations for Anna's birthday are well underway as Elaine brings out a cake (Picture: BBC)
The landlady presents an overjoyed Anna with the cake (Picture: BBC)
Anna and Gina share a touching moment, unaware of what's about to unfold (Picture: BBC)
Peter arrives at the pub for his secret sister's birthday, much to Ian's dismay (Picture: BBC)
At No.45, Kathy struggles to get her head around the events of the day in question  (Credits: BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)
Ian is worried sick in the wake of recent events as he makes a phone call (Picture: BBC)
Rocky is on hand to support struggling Kathy (Picture: BBC)
Ian heads over to Alfie's flat, where he finds support from the former Queen Vic landlord (Picture: BBC)

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