Peter Beale lured back to Walford as he discovers the truth in EastEnders

Will he succeed?

MANY loose ends remain as it was revealed that Cindy Beale was not only alive but would also be returning to Walford.

However, next week in EastEnders, her son Peter Beale is the first make his way back to the Square.

Peter Beale is back in Walford next week

Peter Beale is back in Walford next weekCredit: BBC

He finds out he has secret siblings

He finds out he has secret siblingsCredit: BBC

Could he tell them the truth about Rose Knight?

Could he tell them the truth about Rose Knight?Credit: BBC

Thomas Law reprised his role in the BBC One soap after it was revealed that Cindy Beale was alive and well, despite the claims she’d died while giving birth behind bars in the late 1990s.

Cindy was thrown into the witness protection scheme when her former inmate made threats to her life and met George Knight under the alias Rose Knight.

During their time together, the pair welcomed two daughters, Anna and Gina.

But she eventually walked out on them before settling in Jouars, France, and reconnecting with her former husband Ian Beale.

Their son Peter Beale eventually came to join them but when his half-brother Bobby Beale (Clay Milner Russell) finds out that Kathy is selling the chippy, he gets an alarming call.

Peter has no idea that Anna Knight (Molly Rainford) has also been looking to get in touch with their mother Cindy aka Rose.

After radio silence, Anna sends a scathing text to her mum and heads to No.45 for a heart-to-heart with Bobby as the pair put their awkwardness from last week behind them.

In France, Peter intercepts the text from Anna on Cindy’s phone and after interrogating Ian (Adam Woodyatt), learns he has two sisters.

Ian quickly deletes the messages from Anna and pleads with him not to tell Cindy which he agrees to, but Peter shocks Ian when he later shares his plans to leave for Walford to meet his two sisters declaring he’s booked on the Eurostar that night.

Later on, Peter arrives at The Vic as an unsuspecting Gina and Anna prepare to close up for the night – what will he tell them?

This remains to be seen but, the following day, Bobby wakes to find Peter sleeping on the sofa in No.45.

Peter vows to help Bobby turn the chippy into a success to force Kathy not to sell, but instead he heads to The Vic to spy on his new sisters.

Things go from bad to worse as Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden) arrives and gives Peter a mouthful due to their troubled past.

Soon enough, Gina reveals that Bobby is smitten with Anna and Peter attempts to stop the budding relationship between his siblings.

Peter later wakes full of regret to a phone call from Cindy who can sense that something is wrong but he covers and Bobby orders him to leave.

Back in France, Cindy tells Ian she’s going to Walford to collect Peter but knowing that George and the girls are living on the Square, Ian convinces her not to leave by insisting he’ll make Peter come home.

Will he succeed?

EastEnders airs from Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

Peter wreaks havoc in the Vic

Peter wreaks havoc in the Vic

He also has disturbing news for Bobby

He also has disturbing news for Bobby

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