Murd*r secret, Mack and Charity exposed, Lydia fights back: What happens next in Emmerdale

Here’s what’s still to come.

The last week of Emmerdale has been a packed cacophony of chaos, with a car crash leaving Chloe Harris (Jessie Elland) fighting for her life after Mack Boyd (Lawrence Robb) chose to save Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins).

Emmerdale picture shows Lydia, Mack, Amit, Charity and Aaron

The big week is a catalyst for more dramatic plotlines

Elsewhere, an angry and damaged Aaron Dingle (Danny Miller) made an unexpected return, before hitting Harry (Robert Beck) with violent retribution.

Intrigue in the Sharma family came to light, with it being confirmed that Amit (Anil Goutam) had a hand in Rishi’s death.

And emotions ran high when Lydia Dingle (Karen Blick) confided her rape ordeal in Sam (James Hooton), before then bravely declaring to her attacker Craig that she was going to see him go to prison.

As eventful as all of that was, don’t expect the drama to subside.

Here’s what’s still to come.

Aaron’s rage

He has returned in a destructive state, and that’s not going to change any time soon for butter Aaron.

Feeling aggression to his family since the death of Liv, he has particular vitriol for mum Chas.

After a further showdown, he steals from the Woolpack before deciding to flee the village once more.

Danny Miller told us: ‘It’s a self-destructive, self-loathing path he’s on as opposed to just doing it for no reason.

‘It’s fun for me to play but he is very nasty to a lot of characters and says stuff that looks like he’s thought about it.

Chas argues with Cain over Aaron in Emmerdale
With Aaron and Chas, it may already be too late (Picture: ITV)

‘There’s no remorse, which adds to that darker side to him so it’s very interesting to play. I think he’s got so much hatred for so many people that he didn’t have that chance to grieve with everybody.’

Mack and Charity’s secret on edge

Chloe remains in danger, she is far from out of the woods. With serious injuries, there remains the possibility that she might not get through this.

And, even if she does survive, there is a serious risk of brain damage.

Mack and Charity hold the secret that he chose her to survive, with them both knowing it was an instinctive choice.

Their feelings for one another remain, but what controversy will they cause if they revisit that?

Chloe also knows Mack cheated. If she does get through this, there is still that confrontation to unfold.

Charity stares at Mack in Emmerdale
Charity and Mack are in a mess (Picture: ITV)

Amit hides Rishi’s killing

We now know that Amit was present for Rishi’s death, and abandoned him at the foot of the stairs after what he calls a scuffle.

Suni is unsure of whether to believe the full story, but with Amit insisting he isn’t a killer, Suni has agreed to keep it a secret.

However, these things can’t stay hidden forever.

And Amit soon clashes with both Nicky and Caleb, something which will brew fresh and potentially dangerous new tensions.

Lydia’s fight for justice

Rhona sits and talks to Lydia after her rape in Emmerdale
Lydia needs support for her fight (Picture: ITV)

Lydia is determined to bring justice to Craig’s door and the rapist will soon be arrested after she makes a report.

However, Lydia is shaken when he is released on bail, and Rhona is on hand to support her through this.

Meanwhile, Sam continues to struggle, leading to a breakdown as he struggles with how to help his wife.

With a battle ahead, will Craig get his comeuppance.

Dingle drama

With Lydia’s ongoing ordeal, Charity’s secret with Mack and Aaron at war with Chas, there is a lot going on with the Dingle clan.

What will follow is a special episode for the family, with the whole family brought together in a unique way.

Jeff Hordley told us: ‘It was about 6 or 7 days of being together. It was intense, it was chaotic, it was funny but it was ultimately brilliant.

‘I think it’s a really exciting few episodes that we’ve got coming up there.’

Baby, affair and newcomers

And, away from the direct aftermath, show boss Laura Shaw has dropped some big teasers.

Among it all, she has revealed an unwanted pregnancy, a steamy affair, a tragedy for one family, a devastating health story and a grim Christmas.

Plenty to keep the villagers busy!

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