Kirby Aramoana and Rose Delaney in major row over explosion

The pair clash as Kirby comes up with a theory over the bomb.

Home and Away will air a huge row between Kirby Aramoana and Rose Delaney in upcoming scenes for UK viewers, as they clash over the handling of the aftermath of the devastating bomb explosion.

In scenes airing this fortnight, a secret explosive hidden in a Stunning Organics box is detonated while it’s being transported by unsuspecting John Palmer and Roo Stewart.

When Mali Hudson realises that the pair are carrying a bomb, which was intended for Marilyn Chambers after she spoke out against shady company Stunning Organics, he bravely rushes to warn them, but he ends up also being caught up in the explosion as a result.

rose delaney in home and away
Channel 5

In scenes airing on Channel 5 in the UK next week, police officers Rose and Cash Newman are among the first on the scene following the explosion.

Cash quickly learns that the device was homemade and purposely designed to create as much trouble as possible. Once the officers arrive at the hospital, where injured Mali, John and Roo are being treated, they deduce that the bomb must be connected to the nasty threats that Marilyn has been receiving.

Cash takes Kirby to the police station, wanting to know everything about her involvement in the Stunning Organics fight.

mali hudson and rose delaney in home and away
Channel 5

Guilt-ridden Kirby feels terrible, but Marilyn assures her that they could never have foreseen the extremes that their row would lead to.

As the week goes by, Marilyn and Kirby remain shaken in the wake of the explosion, but neither of them have had any updates from the police. Kirby is anxious to hear from Rose about the next steps, while Marilyn continues to feel terrible about what has happened to her loved ones.

The pair soon read in the newspaper that the CEO of Stunning Organics was asked to step down weeks before the incident, leaving Kirby to feel that she’s solved the case – he must have been the person who planted the bomb.

kirby aramoana and marilyn chambers in home and away
Channel 5

When Kirby brings her theory to Rose, she angrily rails that the police have done nothing so far.

But Rose snaps back, telling Kirby that she doesn’t get to tell her how to do her job, especially after she previously ignored police advice over how to handle the Stunning Organics feud.

Will Kirby and Rose’s argument end up causing trouble as the investigation continues?

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