Keanu Taylor risks his life by betraying Phil Mitchell in EastEnders

LISA Fowler returned to Albert Square with her granddaughter Peggy in tow.

Determined to bond with his estranged daughter, Keanu Taylor puts himself in danger by betraying Phil Mitchell in EastEnders.

Keanu Taylor is determined to bond with his daughter Peggy
Keanu Taylor is determined to bond with his daughter PeggyCredit: BBC
He goes as far as to betray Phil Mitchell again
He goes as far as to betray Phil Mitchell againCredit: BBC
And Sharon Watts blurts out the truth to him
And Sharon Watts blurts out the truth to himCredit: BBC

The hunk played by Danny Walters nearly lost his life three years ago after embarking on an affair with Phil’s then-wife Sharon Watts.

Keanu faked his death as a result with the help of Martin Fowler and Linda Carter as Ben Mitchell hatched a plan to make him pay for the affair and for betraying his own fiancée Louise Mitchell.

Phil (portrayed by Steve McFadden) has since tried to put the past to rest but when Keanu becomes more than determined to fight for his daughter, their feud could be reignited.

Upon her return to Walford after more than three years of absence, Lisa (portrayed by Lucy Benjamin) lured Keanu Taylor into a scheme by using his daughter Peggy as bait.

More than adamant on seeing and bonding with Peggy, Keanu took a massive risk and turned on Phil Mitchell again.

In upcoming scenes airing on BBC One, his fiancée Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean) is caught in the crossfire as she implores Keanu to come clean to Phil.

The hunk is convinced that if he follows through with Sharon’s advice, he may never see his daughter again.

Sharon, who is only looking for peace ahead of her nuptials, goes to see Phil and begs him to let Keanu see Peggy.

She also asks Phil to hear Keanu out as he reveals what’s really going on with Lisa.

However, when Keanu is evasive, Sharon blurts out the truth herself.

Phil is furious as Sharon begs him to calm down and when Keanu tries to explain his actions, the Walford tough man also has a truth to share with him.

Later on, Lisa arrives back in Albert Square to discover Peggy is with Phil.

She goes to collect Peggy and is confronted by Phil, Sharon, Kat Slater (Jessie Wallace), and Keanu, who have spoken to Louise – and all her lies unravel.

Despite her scheming, Sharon takes pity on a broken Lisa, leaving Keanu in disbelief.

Soon enough, Sharon makes it her mission to convince Phil to help Lisa as she realises how far her issues have gone.

Keanu, on the other hand, isn’t happy when Lisa offers him some video calls with Peggy as the first step toward proper access to his daughter.

Hellbent on becoming the father he always dreamed to have, Keanu decided he has had enough and seeks legal advice over access to Peggy.

With Eve Unwin’s (Heather Peace) help, Keanu launces a race to get an order in place to keep Lisa from taking Peggy out of the country.

What will Phil do?

EastEnders airs from Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

Phil finds out what Keanu has been up to get to Peggy
Phil finds out what Keanu has been up to get to PeggyCredit: BBC
Could their feud be reignited?
Could their feud be reignited?Credit: BBC

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