ITV Emmerdale viewers ‘work out’ sickening Tom King twist after Belle Dingle scene

Emmerdale fans are fearing a sinister plot is on the cards for Belle Dingle and Tom King, after a scene in the latest episode of the ITV soap following some tragic death news

Emmerdale fans are fearing worrying scenes could be on the way after the latest episode of the ITV soap.

Fresh from a shock death and a worrying attack twist, Tom King sparked concern with viewers on Monday in a scene with girlfriend Belle Dingle. The character has been acting oddly recently, since the death of his mother which happened offscreen last month.

Belle was shocked to learn her partner’s mother had died and he had kept it to himself. While he had a fractured relationship with his mum, Tom’s lack of emotions and not wanting to be with his sister after the death has certainly raised suspicions.

On Monday night, the character was seen avoiding talk of his mother’s funeral and claimed he did not want to attend. Belle had been trying to get him to book his flights to visit his sister and say goodbye to his mum, but he kept putting it off.

Tom was more preoccupied with whether Belle was avoiding him, after she rejected his marriage proposal last week and he pushed her into a table, causing her to hit her head. Belle claimed she knew it was an accident and that it was all sorted, but Tom was paranoid she would leave him.

Emmerdale fans are fearing a sinister plot is on the cards for Belle Dingle and Tom King

Emmerdale fans are fearing a sinister plot is on the cards for Belle Dingle and Tom King

So when Belle urged Tom to book the flights, even offering to sort it for him, he confessed he didn’t want to go. He then told her he didn’t want to go alone, leading to Belle offering to attend with him.

He seemed to be in disbelief over this, asking her if she was sure to which she agreed she would go with him. He then hugged her and told her “she was perfect”, once again complimenting her.

Viewers watching the moment were not impressed with his behaviour, and were worried about Belle’s safety. Some fans were still convinced he may have been involved in the death of his mother and that Belle could be in danger, while others feared an abuse plot was on the cards.

One fan commented online: “I’m starting to wonder if Tom murdered his mum,” as another said: “Tom’s mum murdered maybe? Belle watch out you’re in trouble!” A third added: “Tom has definitely murdered his mum … why else would he be so shifty? Or maybe the lad who beat him up??”

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