House of the Dragon looks gorier than ever after gruesome photos emerge of burned bodies in battle

Filming continues on the set of House of the Dragon (Picture: SplashNews)

Filming continues on the set of House of the Dragon

*Warning: Contains spoilers for House of the Dragon.*

We’re still roughly a year away from House of the Dragon season 2 but the show’s production has ramped up significantly in recent weeks.

The Game of Thrones prequel series, set roughly 200 years before the likes of Ned Stark, Daenerys Targaryen, and Tyrion Lannister, got under way in 2022.

It’s based on Fire and Blood, a supplementary novel written by the series’ creator, George R R Martin, which was originally released back in 2018.

With a season two set for summer 2024, work on the fantasy show has continued despite the ongoing Sag-Aftra strikes across the movie and TV industries.

Fans have been promised that the Targaryen prequel will resemble its parent show more and more in season two after war broke out in the season one finale.

And it appears House of the Dragon is going to be taking a few cues from Game of Thrones after behind the scenes pictures of a dragon battle have emerged.

House Of The Dragon
Crew members relaxed in the sunshine between shots (Picture: SplashNews)

In the photos, taken in woodland in Surrey, soldiers can be seen on horseback while avoiding arrows before, crucially, charred bodies are shown the ground.

That can only mean one thing: dragon warfare. And while there were scuffles and skirmishes during season one, a full-on battle has not yet been witnessed.

In the photos, soldiers from many different houses of the Crownlands (an area of Westeros) can be seen, hinting at which battle from Fire and Blood this could be.

House Of The Dragon
Filming as continued throughout the Sag-Aftra strikes in Hollywood (Picture: SplashNews)
House Of The Dragon
Unfortunately, it didn’t end well for these guys… (Picture: SplashNews)
House Of The Dragon
Lots of Westerosi houses are involved in this battle (Picture: SplashNews)

Based on the series’ current timeline, what we’re seeing here could likely be the Battle of Rook’s Rest – a notable flashpoint in the war depicted in the book.

The photos also show numerous mannequin models of charred and burnt bodies on the ground – warning us to never bring a knife to a dragon fight.

Other images from the set also show members of the crew taking a break from filming, having to wear their full armour costume in the Surrey sunshine.

House of the Dragon’s first season received eight Emmy nominations, including outstanding drama – the ceremony is set to take place on January 15, 2024.

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