Home and Away confirms newcomer Harper’s connection to Summer Bay

She needs Cash's help.

Home and Away has officially confirmed that newcomer Harper Matheson is an old friend of Cash Newman.

Harper’s first scenes aired in Thursday’s Australian episodes (August 10), as she arrived in Summer Bay alongside her sister Dana.

Harper turned up in the Bay and enquired about Irene Roberts’ advertisement searching for a new housemate.

Irene was quick to welcome Harper, although her friend John Palmer was convinced that the new arrival was hiding something.

John’s doubts were dismissed by Irene when she learned that Harper had a professional job as a social worker and all of her references checked out.

Harper was also revealed to have a history with Cash, as they’ve previously worked together professionally on certain cases.

This link to Cash was soon revealed as the main reason for Harper’s arrival. Harper begged the local policeman to help her sister Dana, a former nurse who’s currently on the run from the law.

Harper explained: “There’s a warrant out for her arrest. I know how that sounds, but she’s innocent. Her boyfriend threw her under the bus.

jessica redmayne and ally harris as harper and dana in home and away
Channel 5

“The cops found drugs in their apartment and Ollie blamed Dana. She’s lost everything – her job, her boyfriend, her reputation.”

Cash insisted that Dana’s best bet was to share her side of the story with the police. When Harper insisted that had already happened but it was no use, Cash agreed to look into the case to see if he could clear Dana’s name.

Later, Harper sneaked Dana into her bedroom at Irene’s house. She warned Dana to keep a low profile to prevent Irene from finding out she was staying there too, but will this plan pay off?

Home and Away fans in the UK will see these scenes on Channel 5 in September.

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