Freddie Slater broken as he cuts evil father Graham out of his life

Heartbreaking scenes from Bobby Brazier.

Freddie Slater (Bobby Brazier) removed rapist father Graham Foster (Alex McSweeney) from his life in tonight’s emotional EastEnders (3rd August), as he struggled to come to terms with the harrowing truth.

After Kat Slater (Jessie Wallace), Billy Mitchell (Perry Fenwick) and Alfie Moon (Shane Richie) explained Little Mo’s (Kacey Ainsworth) ordeal, and his conception, to her son Freddie, he was left in shock and left the room to get some water.

But Kat panicked when she realised that Freddie had disappeared, leading the trio to enlist the help of the locals in their search.

While Little Mo’s ex-husband Billy privately admitted to Alfie that he felt he had got things wrong by rejecting the idea of raising Freddie as his own 18 years ago, it was Gina Knight (Francesca Henry) who unwittingly located the missing teen on the roof of the Queen Vic.

While Freddie was there simply to clear his head in a place which guaranteed some quiet time, Gina had been about to take cocaine to block out her own troubles.

Instead, she sat with Freddie as he confided what he had learned – and a heartbreaking scene unfolded as he recalled his mum never being seen with a man, and being scared if the house wasn’t locked up.

As Freddie came to terms with the fact that she had spent his whole life scared, Gina deemed his mother a very strong woman, and Freddie he told Gina that he couldn’t see his father again. He soon returned to his loved ones, just as Kat was reporting him missing to the police.

EastEnders' Graham Foster, played by Alex McSweeney, wearing a suit
EastEnders’ Graham Foster, played by Alex McSweeney. BBC

As everyone rallied around, Freddie asked to be alone. In his bedroom, we saw him listen to a voicemail from Graham, who said how excited he and his daughters were to see Freddie.

In tears, Freddie was then seen deleting Graham’s number, therefore cutting him out of his life.

How will the broken young man cope in the aftermath, and might Graham turn up to look for him?

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