Felicity Newman plans to catch her attacker in tense scenes

Flick comes up with a risky idea.

Home and Away‘s Felicity Newman will come up with a dangerous plan in upcoming scenes, as she becomes more determined than ever to catch the person who attacked her.

Felicity faced an upsetting ordeal recently, after she had her drink spiked at the Battle of the Bands event and was then sexually assaulted by an unknown individual when she passed out.

Australian fans have also seen Felicity borrow $10,000 from her brother Cash after receiving a horrific ransom demand from the attacker, in which they claimed that if she didn’t provide the cash, they would release a video of her assault.

eden fowler and felicity newman in home and away

Channel 5

In scenes that will air this week in Australia, and in a few weeks’ time in the UK, Felicity will decide that enough is enough, and she comes up with a risky idea to catch her assailant, wanting to take matters into her own hands.

Speaking to TV Week, Felicity actress Jacqui Purvis explained: “Flick doesn’t want to relive her trauma, so she thinks going to the police will prolong her horrible experience. She’s full of shame – and scared that the police won’t take her seriously.”

Unfortunately for Felicity, just as she has the money from Cash to pay off the attacker, the villain doubles their demand for cash, revealing that they now want $20,000 – and if they don’t get it, they’ll release the video of her assault online.

Meanwhile, Felicity’s husband Tane Parata has no idea that Flick is still in contact with the attacker. After the couple agreed to ignore the ransom demands, he believes that they have called the person’s bluff over the video.

eden fowler, felicity newman and bree cameron in home and away
Channel 5

However, what Tane doesn’t know is that his wife has already replied to her blackmailer with a time and a place for them to meet. But she’s come up with a plan – she’s going to catch them out by leaving a bag stuffed full of fake cash for them to find.

The next morning, Tane wakes to find a note from his wife saying that she won’t “be a victim anymore” and asking him not to hate her, leaving Tane worried sick – especially when he frantically calls her and can’t get through.

“Flick concludes that only she can make this blackmailing stop; only she can catch him,” Jacqui said. “She forms a plan, saying she’ll leave the money in a secure place. But what he doesn’t know is she’ll be waiting for him to pick up the fake money, and ready to take photos. Hopefully, that will be enough to catch him.”

embargo 26062023 felicity newman and tane parata in home and away
Channel 5

Heading to a deserted car park, Felicity places the bag of fake notes into a wheelie bin and retreats to her car to wait. Sinking into her seat, she waits desperately for the mystery attacker to arrive.

Will they show up – and what will Felicity do if she comes face-to-face with them once again?

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