Emmerdale viewers convinced Laurel’s death ‘sealed’ as furious Colin kidnaps her

Emmerdale viewers are worried for Laurel Thomas’ life after tonight’s episode after she was left in danger due to being kidnapped.

During Tuesday evening’s episode, emotions ran high as Laurel and Jai’s plans to leave for India were jeopardised by a distraught Archie. Things went from bad to worse when Laurel revealed his son Archie’s illness, leading Jai to explode in anger, and the house soon became a battlefield for the newlyweds.

Later, Jai’s solo journey to India began as a guilty Laurel was left overthinking at home before Suni showed up to deliver a warning. Having a change of heart and determined to support Jai, Laurel decided to join her new husband in India. However, the drama was far from over, as when Laurel went to retrieve Marshall’s passport, his father Colin turned nasty and locked her in Marshall’s bedroom.

Emmerdale viewers are worried for Laurel Thomas' life after she's kidnapped

Emmerdale viewers are worried for Laurel Thomas’ life after she’s kidnapped

Laurel, who was without her phone, was left both terrified and scared as she desperately tried to free herself from Colin’s grip. Back in the village, Suni and Nicola were worried they had not heard from Laurel. While back at Laurel’s kidnapping, Colin’s unstable behaviour escalated and Laurel tried to escape when she hit Colin over the head and dashed for the door – only to realise she was locked in.

Jai, Nicola and Suni were all left very concerned about her absence and Arthur revealed Laurel was meant to pick up Marshall’s passport from Colin’s. Over at the house, an unstable Colin forced Laurel to unlock her phone as he texted Jai in a way which implied Laurel had relapsed as he became increasingly dangerous.

Things started to look up when a police officer arrived, but Colin’s manipulation soon prolonged her ordeal. Worrying for Laurel’s safety, Jai and Suni took matters into their own hands in their search for her. But viewers were left worrying about Laurel’s fate as they debated whether or not her death was ‘sealed’.

Colin took matters into his own hands

Colin took matters into his own hands

“OMG poor Laurel, it’s not looking good for her,” one viewer posted to the social media app X (formerly known as Twitter). While another echoed: “How is Laurel always getting herself into these situations.”

“Laurel is going to die, I can just tell her time is up,” another viewer predicted. “LAUREL!!!!! What a horrible situation she’s landed in.”

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