Emmerdale to be rocked as Caleb Miligan’s wife arrives to cause chaos and she’s hiding a huge secret

EMMERDALE village is going to be rocked by the explosive arrival of Caleb Miligan’s estranged wife Ruby – and she’s got a few secrets up her sleeves.

Businessman Caleb – who is played by actor William Ash in the ITV soap – has long insisted he and his wife’s marriage is all but dead.

Caleb's wife will soon arrive in Emmerdale hiding a big secret
Caleb’s wife will soon arrive in Emmerdale hiding a big secretCredit: ITV

But now The Sun can reveal that Caleb has not been telling the truth.

Emmerdale producer Laura Shaw told us: “We’ve heard mention of Nicky’s mum and Caleb’s wife and we’ve just heard little bits from Caleb where’s he’s kind of said it’s all over between them and there’s nothing going on – but is that really true?

“In the new year we will see Ruby bursting onto our screens.

“She’s going to be an absolute firecracker. She’s going to put a real spanner into the Dingles.”

Laura added: “Is her and Caleb’s relationship really as over as he’s made out? We’ll find out in the new year, I guess!”

The producer also teased a huge twist for Caleb’s newly-minted affair with Tracy Robinson.

She explained: “We’ve also started Tracy and Caleb’s dangerous affair.

“We’ll see a bit more of that in the run up to Christmas and what we’ll see is the most awkward Christmas dinner ever where those lot are all sat round the table at the Dingles’ together.

“Somebody on Christmas Day is going to find out their dark secret and threaten to blow that.”

Could Ruby be the one to discover the secret as she arrives in the village? And will she be a friend or foe to Caleb as part of his war with Kim Tate?

Laura also teased a devastating tragedy that will hit the village in the new year.

She said: “There’s also going to be tragedy in the village in January that’s going to affect two of our most-loved families.

“It’s ultimately going to tear friendships apart and change the dynamics of one of those families forever.”

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