Emmerdale spoilers: Mack baby loss fears, Craig sparks tension and Jai heartache

Emmerdale fans can expect lots of drama this week as Mackenzie Boyd ends up in the arms of ex Charity Dingle once again and Craig Reed sparks tension in the Dingle household

Emmerdale fans can expect steamy action, christening drama and a potential Dingle ding-dong this week.

Emotions are high between Mackenzie Boyd and Chloe Harris as the prepare for little Reuben’s christening.

After Charity Dingle offers to host the event at the Woolpack, Mack agrees and ends up sleeping with his ex.

Meanwhile, Sam and Lydia Dingle discuss Craig Reed’s reappearance again and Lydia announces that she’s decided to take her former lover up on his job offer.

Craig also confirms he can take on Samson for some work experience. The teenager is delighted while Sam is left feeling insignificant.

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