Emmerdale spoilers: Evil Craig faces the mu*derous wrath of the Dingles as they discover the truth

Will they believe her heart-wrenching truth?

Evil Craig (Ben Addis) is set to get his Emmerdale comeuppance as the truth about his attack on Lydia (Karen Blick) finally reaches the Dingles’ ears. And we all know what that means.

Lydia talks to Sam, Belle and Mandy in Emmerdale.

Lydia finally opens up to her family

After reconnecting following many years apart, Craig took advantage of his renewed friendship with Lydia, and in a moment alone, he r*ped her.

Since that awful day, things have only got worse and Lydia has been in utter turmoil, not least because Craig has been trying to torture her with the knowledge of what happened and by implying she wanted it.

When this tack didn’t work and she made it clear she was well aware of what a r*pist he is, he changed to discredit her, triggering a cascade effect that led the family to believe she was having an affair.

As Lydia continued to wrestle with the knowledge of what Craig did all the while watching as everyone else fawned over him, she finally cracked and told Kim (Claire King). But that was as far as she was able to get.

Still completely alone and isolated, with her relationship with Sam (James Hooton) breaking down, Lydia leaves the Dingle home to ‘visit her mother’. Sam is gutted about this and reveals his anguish to Kim, who tests him to see if he knows the full truth. But before they get too far, they experience a sinking realisation when they discover Lydia never arrived at her mum’s.

Lydia breaks down in Emmerdale and opens up to Kim Tate, who comforts her with a hug
Lydia told Kim about her attack (Picture: ITV)

Worried and angry, Sam rounds on Kim, demanding she come clean about what she knows.

While this is going on, a broken Lydia is hiding away in the B&B listening to a voicemail from Sam. His words stir something in her and she realises she needs to go home.

But as she gathers her things, something devastating is happening back at the homestead – Mandy explains to Sam she thinks Lydia is having an affair. Having thrown fuel on the bonfire, Mandy is shocked when a fragile Lydia arrives home.

She’s ready to set the record straight, and bravely tells her loved ones that she hasn’t been having an affair at all, she was r*ped. Will they believe her heart-wrenching truth?

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