Emmerdale spoilers: Dramatic development as tearful Mandy hides an emotional secret

A week of ‘betrayal and secrets’ is ahead, with the Dingles each holding a dark and sinister truth to their hearts when Craig (Ben Addis) is found dead on Home Farm land.

Mandy’s (Lisa Riley) secret is particularly emotional. What is she hiding from her family?

Craig raped Lydia (Karen Blick), but in her traumatised state, she destroyed the evidence. This left the police with little to go on for their investigation and he was released. This act then evoked the Dingle Law, which requires the family to seek their own justice.

Craig is found by Billy (Jay Kontzle); brutalised and stone, cold dead. When Lydia learns of this, she knows without a doubt that one of her family is responsible.

Mandy looking concerned while in the salon in Emmerdale
What’s going on here? (Picture: ITV)

There’s a lock-in at the Woolpack as Lydia questions the clan. The likely suspects Cain (Jeff Hordley), Sam (James Hooton), and Aaron (Danny Miller) all either try to fend off the accusations with alibis or misdirection, but Lydia isn’t blinded by the obvious. She suspects any and all of them, including Mandy (Lisa Riley).

After Lydia questions the rest, her attention turns to Mandy, who isn’t your average Emmerdale murderer, but anything is possible. She was the first to jump on the bandwagon when Samson (Sam Hall) suggested Lydia had been cheating with Craig, when the truth was the sick web developer had attacked her and then spread lies to discredit her.

The Dingle family gather in the pub as Lydia questions them over Craig's death in Emmerdale
Lydia searches for answers after Craig’s death (Picture: ITV)

Now Mandy is living with the guilt of having caused Lydia more pain while she dealt with her trauma. She becomes highly emotional as she tries to explain herself and her hidden secret is revealed.

Could Mandy have attempted to allay her guilt over accusing Lydia of being unfaithful by reversing the tables on Craig?

There is, of course, a chance her secret is nothing to do with Craig’s death. What is Mandy hiding?

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