Emmerdale spoilers: Chloe’s revenge on Charity over affair has deadly consequences

Chloe finally learns their secret

It’s been building for a while, but there is about to be the biggest of showdowns between Charity (Emma Atkins) and Chloe (Jessie Elland) over Mack (Lawrence Robb) and it’s a fight to the Emmerdale death.

A stunned Chloe confronts Mack after overhearing his conversation with Charity in Emmerdale

Chloe finally learns their secret

Mack somehow thinks he’s got away with sleeping with Charity after convincing her to keep quiet and convincing new fiancé Chloe to up sticks and move to Scotland. Life is sweet for him. Except it isn’t – Chloe knows it all.

Having overheard Charity and Mack having a not-so-discreet chat about their moment together, Chloe is just summering underneath ready to make her vengeful move.

For a moment, it looks like she might let things go when a chance chat with Tracy (Amy Walsh), who explains how she got over Nate’s (Jurelle Carter) cheating manages to reassure Chloe. She’s all but ready to let it go when she sees Mack and Charity in a tender embrace. Things hit boiling point and now Chloe’s out for opportunity for revenge. Her behaviour becomes truly ‘unnerving’ according to actor Lawrence Robb.

A seething Chloe gets behind the wheel ready to drive her and Mack on their recce to Scotland. All is just lovely, until they run into Charity, who’s broken down at the side of the road. Revenge flashes in Chloe’s eyes. Actress Jessie Elland shared with Metro.co.uk: ‘Chloe sees it as the perfect chance to get them to confess and maybe even teach them both a lesson.’

Chloe's car goes over the edge of a cliff in Emmerdale
Who will survive? (Picture: ITV)

Chloe offers her a lift and the tension is palpable. Chloe deliberately misses their turn off and heads to the moors, and Charity becomes increasingly anxious. She should be as Chloe plans to dump her in the wilderness. But just as Mack starts to clock on that something is wrong, disaster strikes as they are hit by another car.

As Mack comes to, he realises just how dire their situation is – he scrambles out of the car only to realise they’re teetering on a cliff. The two women come to, and Mack desperately tries to help them escape, but as they do so, Chloe knocks the wheel and sets the car moving off the cliff. With only time to save one of them, who will Mack choose?

Mackenzie tries to save Charity and Chloe, who are trapped in a car on the edge of a cliff in Emmerdale
A huge disaster unfolds (Picture: ITV)

When asked if she thought her character was safe, Emma Atkins revealed that no one is protected from the axe when it comes to a good exit storyline.

‘I think nobody’s invincible,’ she enigmatically revealed. ‘The character has a shelf life, and you always have to expect that your contract may not be renewed. If it is, then that’s great.

‘You’ve also got to accept that there is a life outside of Emmerdale and you have to be as fearless in that department as possible because you just don’t know from one contract to the next what’s going to happen.’

Is that one major hint that Charity is not long for this world?!

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