Emmerdale spoilers: Chloe viciously αttαcks Charity after Mack dumps her for his ex

Emmerdale’s Chloe Harris (Jessie Elland) has been the most patient woman in the world with Mackenzie Boyd (Lawrence Robb) and has ignoring every red flag that’s slapped her in the face – including him leaving her to die in favour of saving his ex. But now she faces her biggest fear.

All along she’s battled anxiety over Mack getting back with Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins), and in his latest move he’s planned to prove her right, but she collapsed before he could tell her they were done.

Charity is now panicking that he won’t follow through with his promise to be with her.

But Mack is fully prepared to do what must be done seeing as he has absolutely no scruples, and he drops the bombshell on an unsuspecting Chloe that their relationship is over.

Chloe slaps Charity in the street in Emmerdale

Chloe’s anger bubbles over

The young mum is inwardly utterly devastated, but outwardly saves face by brushing him off like the nuisance he is.

But later, she can’t help but wear her feelings all over her face as Mack, ever the tactful one, decides to snog Charity in full view of her.

Chloe looking heartbroken in Emmerdale
Mack breaks Chloe’s heart – again (Picture: ITV)

His newest ex sees red and marches over to give Charity a big slap. The penny drops for Mack how much Chloe is hurting – and he is the cause.

Charity foolishly hopes things will calm down and they can move past all this, but Chloe is instead plotting her revenge, and we already know her revenge plans can be brutal.

Chloe reveals to Amy Wyatt (Natalie Ann Jamieson) that she plans to leg it to France with Reuben and block Mack from ever seeing him again. It’s a bold plan, not easy to execute, but she’s resolute she’ll make it happen.

Charity and Mack are none the wiser, and instead are enjoying being back together while Chloe is secretly booking her tickets.

But Sarah lets slip to Moira and Mack that she’s seen packed bags and Reuben’s passport. Mack twigs the situation and dashes out to rescue his son. But is he too late?

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