Emmerdale spoilers: Battered Billy horrifies Dawn after Aaron attαcks him

A long-time feud between former fellow inmates Billy Fletcher (Jay Kontzle) and Aaron Dingle (Danny Miller) escalates in Emmerdale, which sees old simmering tensions descend into violence.

Aaron’s been spoiling for a fight since he arrived back, and what better reason to lay into someone than an age-old feud.

Aaron and Billy haven’t seen eye to eye ever since they spent time inside together and Billy was part of a gang that preyed on Aaron.

Aaron still has a bee in his bonnet about this, and when there’s an argument between kids about a fall in the playground, it leads to a confrontation between Billy and Aaron, as the latter still carries beef from the past.

Dawn confronts Billy in the kitchen at Home Farm in Emmerdale

Dawn confronts Billy

Paddy Kirk (Dominic Brunt) lets slip to Dawn Taylor (Olivia Bromley) about what’s gone on between her beloved and the unhinged Dingle, leaving the mum-to-be immediately incensed and demanding to know the truth from Billy.

Aaron confronts Billy in the village in Emmerdale
Aaron and Billy have history (Picture: ITV)

But her mind is soon distracted on baby things, which could prove deadly as the tension between Billy and Aaron rises.

Aaron spots another opportunity to get under Billy’s skin while in the shop, and within seconds, the two lads are beating seven bells out of each other.

Will Taylor (Dean Andrews) is forced to step in and separate them, but not before they’ve done each other some damage.

Billy limps home and Dawn is horrified to see what Aaron has done to him, and angry that Billy allowed it to happen. Kim Tate (Claire King) soon gets wind of the goings on, and no one messes with her family.

Has Aaron met his match?

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