Emmerdale spoilers: Aaron in serious danger as kiℓℓer Kim plots revenge

Kim (Claire King) is the Dingle’s biggest ally and worst adversary all in one, and yet Aaron (Danny Miller) foolishly chooses to mess with her family in Emmerdale. Especially foolish given she has been revealed as the killer of rapist Craig (Ben Addis), and in cahoots with Cain (Jeff Hordley).

Aaron is currently walking around the Dales like he’s Billy-Big-Balls, but he’s forgotten two crucial words that could end his reign of terror – Kim Tate.

He arrived back with a chip on his shoulder and a plan to be abhorrent to everyone, especially anyone who had crossed him.

He’s itching for violence – even picking on poor, defenceless Vinny (Bradley Johnson). And given that he and Billy have some checkered history together, Billy’s card is also marked.

Will and Billy are confronted by Aaron in the pub in Emmerdale

Aaron messes with Kim’s family

Billy and Aaron have not seen eye to eye since they spent time inside together and Billy was part of a gang who terrorised Aaron. Aaron is not one to forgive and forget.

Their old feud is reignited in the playground when the kids argue about a fall. Aaron takes the opportunity to stick the boot in and goad Billy. Billy’s life is made harder when Paddy (Dominic Brunt) lets slip to Dawn (Olivia Bromley) that he’s being picked on by the playground bully. She is not impressed and demands the truth about their confrontation.

Aaron confronts Billy in the village in Emmerdale
Aaron gets himself a new enemy (Picture: ITV)

She’s soon distracted with all things baby and with her back turned, things between Billy and Aaron escalate. Aaron’s temper gets the better of him when he bumps into Billy in the shop, and he goads him once again.

This time things turn violent and the pair start drawing blood from each other. Will (Dean Andrews) is forced to intervene as the pair are left battered and bruised.

Billy comes off worse and Dawn is horrified when she sees the state of him. Aaron foolishly thinks he’s won this round, but he’s underestimated the family he’s now taken on.

With Will involved, word soon gets back to Kim and she is not one to pass up the opportunity for revenge. She knows how to cover up a murder and lie like a pro. Aaron’s card is marked, is he about to end up dead in a field like Craig?

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