Emmerdale spoiler video reveals the moment that Charity realises what Chloe is up to in de@dly car revenge plot

Charity realises Chloe has ulterior motives

Chloe Harris (Jessie Elland) sets in motion her revenge in Emmerdale, offering Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins) a lift back to the eponymous village after finding her broken down on the road.

Charity, as fans know, has been contemplating whether or not to inform Chloe about her one night stand with Mackenzie Boyd (Lawrence Robb), who she’s still madly in love with.

Mack urged her not to and the former lovers came to something of an understanding, agreeing to let one another move on, despite the fact that they still very much have feelings for each other.

Little did they know, however, that Chloe had overheard their conversation and therefore came to learn the truth. Struggling to process news, she opened up to Tracy Metcalfe (Amy Walsh), who revealed that she was ultimately able to forgive her own husband’s infidelity because of how much he loved her.

Chloe therefore resolved to forgive Mack, who subsequently gave Charity a goodbye hug ahead of his adventure with Chloe, who spotted the intimate moment.

Realising that Mack’s heart still lies with Charity, Chloe plots revenge, which she sets in motion in Tuesday’s (October 11) edition of the ITV soap after setting off on the road to Scotland.

Charity stunned as Chloe takes revenge in Emmerdale
Charity realises Chloe has ulterior motives

Charity, meanwhile, has broken down, with Chloe coming along her and, with revenge on her mind, she insists that her love rival get in the car and that she’ll drive her home.

The above clip, taken from tonight’s episode, sees Chloe cause chaos, deliberately making Mack and Charity squirm as she discusses good and bad memories from her time in the village.

Charity and Chloe reach out for Mack in Emmerdale
Chloe and Charity’s lives will be left hanging in the balance – but who will Mack choose to save first? (Picture: ITV)
The expression on Charity’s face confirms that she’s starting to realise that Chloe knows more than she’s letting on and, soon enough, she makes it quite clear that she wants out.

Subsequent scenes, however, will see tragedy strike, with Chloe’s plan spiralling out of control and putting everyone’s lives in danger, with Mackenzie forced to make a choice between the two women in his life.

But who will he choose to save? And who will go plummeting to the depths below? You’ll just have to tune in to find out.

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