EastEnders spoilers: Whitney and Alfie fuming at Billy’s ignorant Women’s World Cup comment

Billy’s comments got him in trouble

Billy Mitchell (Perry Fenwick) dug himself a big hole in recent EastEnders scenes with a misogynistic comment about the Women’s World Cup.

With Albert Square locals crammed into The Albert to watch the England match, Billy lamented that he may have to close up his stall as the market was empty.

As Alfie Moon (Shane Richie) pointed out that that was ‘the power of football’, Billy put his foot in it with an ignorant comment.

‘It’s like it’s the real world cup,’ he said, catching the attention of Whitney Dean (Shona McGarty).

Billy was quick in his attempt to backtrack as Whitney raised her eyebrows, insisting that he was just talking about people getting time off work, before looking to Alfie for support.

Alfie, however, was fully on Whitney’s side, and demanded not to be brought into Billy’s misogyny.

As Freddie Slater (Bobby Brazier) approached, Alfie asked his opinion of women’s football, to which his response was surprisingly mature.

‘It’s just football init.’

Elsewhere, Karen Taylor (Lorraine Stanley) was having a wail of a time in The Albert, as she cheered on the Lionesses with the English flag draped over her shoulders.

As she yelled out that they were playing ‘too deep at the back’, Martin Fowler (James Bye) remarked that he didn’t know she was an expert on football.\

Karen instantly hit back, saying: ‘Oh right, because I have a pair of knockers I know nothing about football?’

Thankfully for Martin, the team got things back on track and she became immersed in the game once again.

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