EastEnders spoilers: Stacey’s murder ‘sealed’ after she rejects terrifying stalker Theo

Stacey chose Martin over Theo – but will he make her regret it?

Stacey Slater (Lacey Turner) was put in a difficult position in EastEnders when several of her loved ones began making decisions for her in regards to creepy teacher Theo Hawthorne (William Ellis).

First of all, Jean Slater (Gillian Wright) pushed the two of them into going on a date, which resulted in Eve Unwin (Heather Peace) inviting Theo to be Stacey’s plus one at Kathy Beale’s (Gillian Taylforth) wedding.

Following their date, Stacey came to realise that the only feelings she had for Theo were platonic.

Ex-husband Martin Fowler (James Bye) on the other hand, seemed to be at the forefront of Stacey’s mind, especially after she had an explicit dream about him.

After getting drunk with Eve at Kathy’s hen party, she soon decided that she would invite Martin to be her date to the wedding.

However, when she woke up the next morning, she had completely forgotten about the message she’d left, and was confused to find both Theo and Martin in her house.

Though she admitted that she would rather take Martin as her date, she ultimately decided to let Theo accompany her, after he complained about having changed his plans and bought a new suit.

Being at the wedding with Theo didn’t stop her from sharing a special moment with Martin though, but things became awkward when he taunted Theo with the fact that they had kissed.

EastEnders picture shows Theo Hawthorne, Stacey Slater and Martin Fowler in attendance at Kathy Beale's wedding to Rocky
Martin took pleasure in winding Theo up (Picture: BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

Later, mum Jean revealed that she had witnessed the kiss and couldn’t stop thinking about it.

She explained how she’d only pushed Stacey towards Theo because she didn’t think she had any other options, but the idea of her getting back with Martin was ‘wonderful’.

Still torn, Stacey pointed out that Martin had only started to show an interest when he thought that Theo was into her, but Jean urged her to stop getting in the way of her own happiness.

Finally clear about where her true feelings were, Stacey pulled Theo aside and told him she just wanted to be friends, but asked if he would continue to tutor Lily (Lillia Turner).

Though he was obviously taken aback, he agreed, and left the reception, giving Martin and Stacey the opportunity to share another kiss amid a private moment.

While things seemed to have worked themselves out for Stacey, what she doesn’t know is that Theo has developed somewhat of an obsession about her.

Stacey has been holding private video calls for a secret client, unaware that it is Theo, who has previously gone so far as to steal her perfume from her room.

With Stacey having rejected him, could he be set to turn nasty?

We know that Theo used to bully Freddie Slater (Bobby Brazier), so it wouldn’t be beyond him to make Stacey’s life hell.

As Stacey begins to fear that she has a stalker in upcoming episodes, is she in danger?

How far is Theo prepared to go? Could Stacey end up dead as a result of his actions?

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