EastEnders spoilers: Sinister stalker Theo takes horrifying action as Stacey is in serious peril

Theo broke into Stacey’s house

Creepy teacher Theo Hawthorne (William Ellis) has proved that he is far more dangerous than anyone could have expected, after taking drastic action in recent EastEnders scenes.

Theo grew obsessed with Stacey Slater (Lacey Turner) after paying her for private video calls, and his obsession soon led him to become a full blown stalker.

Using his background as a teacher, he managed to worm his way into the Slater household by offering to tutor pregnant 12-year-old Lily (Lillia Turner) free of charge.

During this time, he built Stacey’s trust in him, while simultaneously terrifying her with anonymous gifts and notes from her stalker.

Though Stacey is still unaware that Theo is the culprit, she decided that it was time to part ways in recent EastEnders scenes, as Lily deserved to spend the last of her pregnancy enjoying being a child, instead of studying.

For this reason, she told Theo that his services wouldn’t be needed anymore, and enthused that he would be able to help other students who would be able to pay him for his time.

Theo wasn’t overly thrilled by this, and soon took horrifying action to ensure that he could still have complete access to Stacey whenever he wanted.

Aware that everyone was out, Theo broke into No.31 through the back door, and set about trashing Stacey’s bedroom.

When she got home, she was horrified to discover that it was just her room that had been targeted, and the fact that the corset she wore for her video calls had been torn up told her that this was the work of her stalker.

Theo hides in Stacey's house in EastEnders
Theo dropped the keys he’d had cut (Picture: BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

Terrified, she confided in Theo, who just so happened to have left his bag behind the day before, and he offered to call the police.

It wasn’t long before the reality of the situation hit Stacey, as she found herself looking around the Square wondering who her stalker could be.

It was there that Eve Unwin (Heather Peace) found her, and took her home.

Back at No.31 they were met with a shock, as they realised that their keys weren’t working.

They soon realised why, when Theo opened the door and revealed that he had taken the liberty of changing the locks, feigning concern that the burglar may have lifted a spare set of keys.

Stacey was grateful for his actions, unaware that they could have left her in even more danger.

In order to show her gratitude, she asked him to stay for a cuppa, telling him to leave Lily’s spare key on the side before walking into the kitchen.

With Stacey out of eyeshot, Theo fumbled pulling out Lily’s key, and it soon became clear that he had also had one cut for himself.

Is Stacey in grave danger now that Theo can let himself in whenever he pleases?

Elsewhere, Eve let Martin Fowler (James Bye) in on the latest update, and he instantly grew suspicious of Theo once again, though Eve said that they couldn’t speculate until they had cold, hard proof.

Will they find evidence that will catch Theo out, before it is too late for Stacey?

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