EastEnders spoilers: Peter panics as his brother and sister get closer to romance

Peter Beale (now played by Thomas Law) heads back to Walford in upcoming EastEnders episodes and he has a lot on his plate as he learns Bobby (Clay Milner Russell) has feelings for Anna Knight (Molly Rainford) – who are both his siblings.

A few months ago, it was revealed that Anna and Gina’s (Francesca Henry) mother is actually Cindy Beale (Michelle Collins). She had spent a huge portion of her life undercover as a lady called Rose and gave birth to George’s (Colin Salmon) daughters during that period.

During the episode that was set in France, it was established that Peter knew about Cindy being undercover, but remains unaware of the finer details – and the fact that he has two more siblings.

Back in Walford, blissfully unaware Bobby has a crush on Anna, who is busy trying to find out more about her missing mum.

She decides to send her a text in upcoming episodes, annoyed that she keeps getting radio silence from her.

Over in France, Peter spots the text and questions Ian, who then reveals to his son that he has two sisters.

Ian quickly deletes the messages from Anna and asks Peter to not tell Cindy.

He agrees, but then shocks his dad when he reveals his plan to leave for Walford to meet Anna and Gina.

EastEnders promotional photo of Peter Beale, played by Thomas Law, in the Square gardens, sitting on Denny Rickman's memorial bench
Peter is now played by Thomas Law (Picture: BBC)

Peter ends up getting the Eurostar back to England and that evening, arrives at the pub just as Gina and Anna are cashing up.

That morning, Bobby heads downstairs to find Peter asleep on the sofa.

Anna and Bobby are sitting on a bench in the park talking to a private investigator in EastEnders
Anna has been trying to find out more about her mum (Picture: BBC)

As the day gets underway, Peter vows to help Bobby turn the chippy into a success to force Kathy (Gillian Taylforth) not to sell, but ends up in the pub to spy on his new siblings.

Things go from bad to worse as Ben (Max Bowden) arrives and gives Peter a mouthful before Gina reveals that Bobby is completely smitten with Anna.

As the awkwardness increases, Peter attempts to stop the relationship between his siblings, but will he do that without revealing the truth about Cindy to them?

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