EastEnders spoilers: Patrick and Yolande disturb the peace with their energetic sex life

Patrick and Yolande have been enjoying their time together . Who will Yolande choose?

Patrick and Yolande (Rudolph Walker and Angela Wynter) have caused quite a stir in the Fox/Trueman household with their recent reunion in EastEnders.

In recent scenes, Howie Danes (Delroy Atkinson) and Kim Fox (Tameka Empson) discussed how they’d been struggling to sleep since Yolande moved in with Patrick, with Kim admitting that she thought Yolande was going to ‘break his heart, not his bed springs’.

Horrified Howie pointed out that it was their music keeping him up at night, with Kim wondering aloud why they would play their music so loudly in the bedroom at that time of night.

She soon decided that enough was enough and told Howie that it was his responsibility to say something, though when he came face to face with Patrick and Yolande, the awkward conversation became too much for him to tackle.

When Kim asked Yolande if she planned on going back to Birmingham at any point, Patrick pointed out that, after years of working so hard, she deserved to ‘let off some steam’.

Later, Kim admitted that she and Howie did like Yolande, just not as ‘enthusiastically’ as Patrick did.

Howie revealed that their ‘music’ was way too loud, leaving Patrick amused, and offering some earplugs to Howie.

He reported back to Yolande that ‘some people would prefer if they spent the night sleeping’, before promising to keep the noise down from now on.

However, this wasn’t where their troubles ended, as they were soon hit with an unexpected visitor, as Yolande’s partner Anton finally tracked her down.

It was clear Yolande didn’t want to speak to him, as she had been totally ignoring his calls.

Soon, Patrick had also arrived, and the pair got into a heated argument over the woman they both love.

Just before leaving for his hotel, Anton revealed that this was Yolande’s last chance to go back with him to Birmingham, and told her that he expected her to be there before he left the next day.

Who will Yolande choose?

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