EastEnders spoilers for next week: Ravi’s downfall ‘sealed’ and Jay’s new love interest

EastEnders spoilers tease big scenes ahead on the BBC soap next week, including the possible downfall of a killer and one character starting a new romance after a death

EastEnders airs drama, bombshells and the possible comeuppance of a villain on the BBC soap next week.

Spoilers reveal tough times in Walford as one resident faces up to a devastating lie, and another attempts to move on from heartbreak. There’s also the fallout to Suki Panesar discovering Ravi Gulati was Ranveer’s real killer and not her.

It all kicks off as Ravi’s downfall could be imminent, when two residents team up to bring him down – but will all go to plan? Elsewhere, Phil Mitchell and Kat Slater prepare to wed but a lie by Alfie Moon could cause chaos. Then there’s Jay Brown, who is still grieving the loss of his wife Lola Pearce.

But as he looks set for a new love interest, is it too soon and where will it lead? Here’s a look at the key storylines unfolding next week on the BBC soap…

EastEnders spoilers tease big scenes ahead on the BBC soap next week

EastEnders spoilers tease big scenes ahead on the BBC soap next week

Ravi’s downfall

EastEnders’ Ravi Gulati faces an exit from Walford next week, as two characters attempt to get rid of him on the BBC soap. It comes after his killer secret was finally exposed, after Denise Fox found a video of him killing Ranveer Gulati on his laptop – before telling Suki Panesar the truth. At the start of next week, Suki begs Denise to help her get rid of Ravi by planning to tell the police what they have seen on Ravi’s laptop. With the incriminating video discovered, Suki convinces Denise to give a statement to the police. However, due to their lack of physical evidence and Suki’s previous failed statement, the police dismiss them both. Denise tells Suki she wants no more involvement with the family, or Ravi. Suki soon shows up again though and reveals her plan to bring down Ravi for once and got all.

She tells Denise she is going to record Ravi’s confession about Ranveer’s death, and later meets him at The Albert. As she begins recording their chat, the recording is stopped and she is caught out due to an ill-timed phone call from the prison about Kheerat. Realising what she had planned Ravi threatens her and says he will harm her family, his own family too, if she doesn’t keep quiet about what she knows. A desperate Suki heads back to see Denise and pleads with her to help her get Ravi sent down. Wanting him gone and wanting Kheerat back, she begs Denise for her help but Denise refuses, fearing for her own family’s safety. But will the pair end up bring him down?

Wedding drama and Alfie twist

Alfie has been lying

Alfie has been lying

Kat Slater and Phil Mitchell are set to wed next week on EastEnders – but does their marriage go off without a hitch? When Kat’s ex Alfie arrives, it’s clear something else is bothering him and soon he emotionally reveals that he lied and he does have prostate cancer. Elsewhere, as the wedding looms, Phil struggles with his guilt as Kat prepares for the wedding. Alfie later learns of what Phil has done, and when Phil arrives late to the registry office, and without Alfie, will the wedding go ahead?

Jay’s new romance

EastEnders appears to be lining up a potential new love interest for Jay Brown weeks after the death of his beloved wife Lola Pearce. Soap fans will recall that Lola tragically passed away earlier this year, after her devastating brain tumour battle. Jay has struggled with the death of his wife and next week Jay returns to Albert Square after a night of walking having not been able to sleep due to grief. However, he’s soon warmed as he meets Nadine.

Later in the week, Jay apologises to Nadine for his abrupt departure and takes her for a drink in The Albert where the pair put aside the misunderstanding. However, it’s not long until Nadine invites Jay back to hers where she attempts to seduce him but Jay refuses her advances. Things then go from bad to worse later in the week when Nadine arrives in the Square as Jay worries about being seen with her… could this potentially be a new love interest for Jay?

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