EastEnders spoilers: Evil Nish gaslights Suki over terrifying attempted rape

Nish gaslit Suki over the attempted rape she endured. Will Suki defy Nish and try to get Ravi sent down?

Evil Nish Panesar (Navin Chowdhry) let his true colours shine through once again in recent EastEnders scenes as he gaslit wife Suki (Balvinder Sopal) over her terrifying attempted rape ordeal.

Suki and Nish sat at the kitchen table in EastEnders

Nish gaslit Suki over the attempted rape she endured

Last year, Ranveer Gulati attacked Suki and attempted to rape her during a business meeting in her home.

Terrified, Suki lashed out and hit him over the head, killing him instantly – or so she had thought.

What she didn’t know was that Ravi Gulati (Aaron Thiara) had actually finished the job while attempting to clean up the crime scene.

Footage of the full attack recently came to light when Denise Fox (Diane Parish) stole Ravi’s laptop and recovered the deleted files in a bid to find something she could use against him.

She never expected to witness him committing murder, and instantly rushed round to tell Suki and Chelsea (Zaraah Abrahams) what she had seen.

Rocked by the fact that she hadn’t been the one to kill Ranveer, Suki headed home to Nish, where she let him in on what had really happened.

Viewers will know that Suki’s son Kheerat actually confessed to the crime believing that he was saving his mum from a life behind bars.

When Suki pointed out that Kheerat ‘has lost everything for nothing’ if Suki really wasn’t the one to have killed Ranveer, Nish asked if she wanted to tell him she was innocent based on hearsay alone.

Suki looking defeated in EastEnders
Suki was rocked by the true events on the night Ranveer was murdered (Picture: BBC)

He questioned whether she’d prefer for him to feel as though he’d sacrificed himself for her, or that he had been conned.

As Nish insisted that they keep the truth quiet, it was clear Suki wasn’t convinced, so Nish turned the tables in order to manipulate her into taking his side.

He pointed out that Denise had seen her attempt to murder Ranveer, and cruelly told her that no jury would believe he had attempted to rape her as she had invited him to dinner and ‘got close’ to him.

He went on to tell her that she would go to prison if the footage ever saw the light of day, and ordered her to say nothing.

However, brave Suki wasn’t going to be pushed around.

Later, Denise was surprised by a knock at the door, and even more shocked to see Suki standing there.

While she was prepared for some harsh words in defence of Ravi, Denise was left stunned as Suki revealed that she believed her, and asked her to tell her exactly what she had seen.

Will Suki defy Nish and try to get Ravi sent down?

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