EastEnders spoilers: Amy gutted as Denzel enjoys photos of other girls

What’s Denzel doing?

Following her struggles with her mental health, things have settled down a lot for Amy Mitchell (Ellie Dadd) in EastEnders recently.

A turning point came during a special episode in April. As Amy spoke to a counsellor about her feelings of loss following the deaths of her mother Roxy (Rita Simons) and her aunt Ronnie (Samantha Womack), the counsellor asked her what she would say to Roxy if she was here now.

In a moving scene, Roxy appeared before her in her imagination – with Rita Simons reprising her role – and reassured Amy that she loved her and urged her not to give up. This gave Amy the strength she needed to move forward with her life and put her damaging self-harming behaviour behind her.

Having gone through these experiences Amy was also able to support her boyfriend Denzel (Jaden Ladega), who was worried about Kim (Tameka Empson)’s mental health following the car crash they were both involved in. Denzel asked Amy to talk to Kim.

Amy urged Kim to talk to someone about how she was feeling, saying that talking had helped her when she was at rock bottom. Kim was comforted by Amy’s words.

Amy sits on her bed clearly upset
Amy has struggled a lot in recent months (Picture: BBC)

While Denzel and Amy have been getting on well recently and their relationship seems solid, there have been a couple of little niggles recently, including an incident when Amy had to shut Denzel up when he was winding Lily up over her meeting with social workers about the baby.

It looks like Amy might have more reason to be annoyed with her boyfriend in upcoming episodes when she discovers that he’s been on social media liking photos of other girls.

What’s Denzel up to? Is it all entirely innocent, or is he messing about behind Amy’s back? If so, is she strong enough to deal with possible heartbreak?

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