EastEnders: Karen’s Exit Story REVEALED

Will Karen Get Caught In Her Own Game?

TV Season & Spoilers previously reported that Lorraine Stanley is exiting EastEnders and her character Karen Taylor is being written off. However, not much was known about her exit storyline at the time. Of course, except the fact that it will be something explosive and fitting for her iconic and fan fared character. Ever since the news broke out, many speculations started surfacing. Later, certain spoilers suggested that a massive fore will rip through Albert Square and might end up claiming some lives.

Ever since those spoilers surfaced, fans have been wondering if the celebrated character will perish in the fire on EastEnders. Quite honestly, nothing else seemed to justify the exit. Ever since Karen blazed into Walford, she has been central to many important and dramatic storylines. However, each of them proved how much she cares about her family. Hence, Karen settling out of Walford away from her family just does not sit with her character.

EE/ Karen Taylor

Now, the latest EastEnders spoilers confirm a storyline that will potentially lead to Karen’s exit from the fold. A fire will rip through Walford in Autumn that will allegedly start from Kathy’s cafe. The word on the street is that in the October 11, 2023, episode, Karen will spin a devious plan. We wonder if the two stories will coincide. Maybe something that happens in the upcoming episodes will rub Karen the wrong way and cause her to act out. Perhaps she will end up doing something that will start the fire in Kathy’s cafe. The same one teased in the Autumn spoilers.

Will Karen Get Caught In Her Own Game?

Interestingly, the launderette where Karen works is bang opposite to Kathy’s cafe on EastEnders. Moreover, many spoilers have teased that the iconic Walford launderette will be engulfed and burn down in the fire. Could it be possible that Karen will become a victim to the fire? It certainly will make for a dramatic exit. And one that fans will remember for a long-long time. Apart from Lorraine Stanley, we know that actors Brian Conley (Rocky Cotton) and Shona McGarty (Whitney Dean) are also exiting the soap. And their exit storylines are also currently under wraps.

EE/ Karen, Rocky and Whitney

We wonder if one of them will become casualty in this fire! What do you think? Tell us in the comments. Meanwhile, stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for more EastEnders updates on these exits.

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