EastEnders fans sickened as Bobby Beale makes move on step-sister Anna Knight in ‘disgusting’ incest scenes

Can Ian stop her before it's too late?

EASTENDERS viewers were left wincing after Bobby Beale made a move on his step-sister Anna Knight and they officially become boyfriend and girlfriend.

Anna (Molly Rainford ) immediately caught Bobby’s (Clay Milner Russell) eye when she first settled in Albert Square alongside her family.

Bobby Beale made a move on his step-sister Anna
Bobby Beale made a move on his step-sister AnnaCredit: BBC
Peter struggled to not intervene knowing she is his half sister
Peter struggled to not intervene knowing she is his half sisterCredit: BBC

And tonight, the EastEnders lad finally made his feelings clear and confessed that he wanted to be more than just friends to Anna.

Anna revealed that she feels the same way and the two shared a kiss – but viewers know that Bobby and Anna are in fact step siblings.

Cindy (Michelle Collins) was revealed to be Anna’s mum, Rose Knight, but she is currently with her ex husband Ian Beale (Adam Woodyatt) who is Bobby dad.

After making his discovery that he has half siblings, Peter Beale (Thomas Law) returned to the square to meet them.

But he was left wincing in the Queen Vic pub as Bobby made his move on Anna.

Viewers were also cringing over the couple’s loved-up scenes feeling like it is incest.

Taking to X, formally known as Twitter, one viewer said: “Cindy needs to come back asap because I can’t deal with Bobby and Anna.”

Another wrote: “Not Bobby and Anna getting together, they’re literally siblings.”

A third penned: “This could get messy when Cindy and Ian come back to the Square.”

Meanwhile, Peter bonded with his half sister Gina Knight (Francesca Henry) as Peter showed an interest in her life before she moved to Walford.

However, Gina go the wrong idea and thought Peter was into her romantically and held his hand.

Peter immediately rejected her which caught the attention of Gina’s protective dad George Knight (Colin Salmon).

He kicked Peter out of the pub and warned him to stay away from his daughter.

Will Peter be honest with his half sisters?

Elsewhere in France, Cindy feared for Peter’s safety after finding out he returned to Walford.

Ian tried to reassure Cindy that he will be okay and be back in France very soon.

But Cindy couldn’t wait and decided to grab her passport and go on the Eurostar that was heading to London.

Can Ian stop her before it’s too late?

EastEnders airs on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.

Gina misreads Peter's signals
Gina misreads Peter’s signalsCredit: BBC
While Cindy is heading to London
While Cindy is heading to London

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