EastEnders fans ‘rumble’ Ravi’s downfall as he denies Denise’s murder bombshell

EastEnders' Denise Fox was quick to tell her family, as well as Suki Panesar, about the incriminating evidence she had found of Ravi Gulati on Thursday but he denied her claims

EastEnders fans were quick to point out Ravi Gulati’s potential downfall after he denied Denise Fox’s murder allegations on Thursday night.

On Wednesday, Denise’s daughter Chelsea tried to restore peace by inviting her and Ravi’s families over for drinks. Fans will recall that Denise and Ravi had a fling earlier this year and it almost ended her marriage, amid Jack Branning trying to bring Ravi down over his criminal activity.

Ravi is now dating Denise’s daughter Chelsea, and she wants to put a stop to it, and after overhearing Gina and Anna rowing about Ravi dealing drugs, a furious Denise headed to the party. It wasn’t long until an argument broke out to which Chelsea revealed Denise had accused Ravi of dealing as the protective mother warned her daughter’s boyfriend: “You hurt my daughter, I will come for you…”

However, this wasn’t the only drama as Denise spotted Ravi getting panicked over an old laptop being used for music during the party to which she decided to take it home. Denise asked Ricky to help her recover the deleted files on the laptop to which she watched incriminating footage of Ravi.

EastEnders fans were quick to point out Ravi Gulati's potential downfall after he denied Denise Fox's murder allegations on Thursday night

EastEnders fans were quick to point out Ravi Gulati’s potential downfall after he denied Denise Fox’s murder allegations on Thursday night

Fans will recall that last year, the man believed to be Ravi’s dad, Ranveer, was killed off after he attacked Suki Panesar. After trying to rape her, she hit him over the head and believed she had killed him. However, Ravi walked in on the scene and prepared to dispose of Ranveer’s body only for him to regain consciousness, resulting in Ravi killing him.

Suki still thinks she killed Ranveer, while there is video evidence of the crime happening. Ravi had edited the footage to make Suki look guilty, while the original clip showing his actions is on his laptop, which Denise watched on Wednesday. The explosive episode ended with Ravi standing over Denise watching the footage as he warned: “Anything interesting?”

On Thursday, Ravi threatened Denise before breaking the laptop to which a horrified Denise ran out the house, screaming “he’s killed someone” into Jack’s arms before sharing the news with both daughter Chelsea and Suki. However, Ravi then showed up denying Denise’s claims, saying he’d been down the shop and nothing had happened.

EastEnders' Denise Fox appeared to drop a "crucial clue" about the BBC One soap's Christmas death on Wednesday night ahead of a bombshell twist

EastEnders’ Denise discovered Ravi’s crimes on Wednesday’s episode

However, despite Ravi denying the claims, Jack, Chelsea and Suki all appeared to believe Denise. At the end of the episode, Suki showed up at Denise’s house, asking: “I believe you, but you need to tell me exactly what you saw” while Denise asked Jack if Ricky could give a statement to the police to which he wouldn’t allow happen, adding: “These things take time.”

Soap watchers were quick to point out Ravi’s downfall to prove he was guilty of the murder, as well as threatening Denise and destroying the laptop. Taking to social media, one person said: “Laptop smashed but hard drive intact. Find it and recover the evidence” while a different account put: “Knew it! The laptop is gone. Any teeny tiny pieces left on the floor to be found? #Eastenders”.

Elsewhere, one fan said: “He broke the laptop but the video was on the hard drive.. Take that out and do data recovery. Job done. #EastEnders”, a different account put: “Well he didn’t break the hard drive so it would still have the video on it #EastEnders” while another viewer added: “Why does Denise not have a ring doorbell!!! #EastEnders”, which would have recorded him entering her home.

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