EastEnders’ Anna chooses ‘missing’ mum over troubled Gina after new Cindy lead

Anna's decision is destined to bring drama to Walford.

is Anna close to connecting with Cindy?

Anna Knight (Molly Rainford) chose to prioritise missing mother Cindy Beale (Michelle Collins) over her troubled sister Gina (Francesca Henry) in tonight’s EastEnders (2nd August).

Having hired a private detective, Gabriel Chang (Jon Chew), Anna confided in pal Bobby Beale (Clay Milner Russell) and showed him and Gabriel an old locket belonging to Cindy.

While both Bobby and Anna are unaware that Cindy is the woman in question, it was odd that Bobby, who is no blood relation to Cindy, did not recognise that the engraved date matched the birthday of Peter (Thomas Law) and the late Lucy (Hetti Bywater) – the twin siblings that he and Anna have in common!

Although Anna was told that Gabriel had come up with a lead on her mum, she initially decided to drop the investigation – but another chat with Freddie changed her mind, and she met Gabriel to find out everything he knew.

Back at the Vic, Anna spoke with Gina, who was still resistant to learning anything about the mother who abandoned them. Still, Anna revealed that Gabriel had told her the locket’s inscription was a birthday or a wedding date.

Not only that, but the detective knew a contact who could get hold of records, and had found that there was a bank account in Spain which had just been closed down within the last week.

Anna was thrilled to know that their mum was out there somewhere, while Gina refused to search for the woman who rejected them.

Hurt that Anna had clearly chosen their mother over her, Gina once again sought solace in drugs, heading to see Ravi Gulati (Aaron Thiara) for a fix.

But as Gina spirals, is Anna close to connecting with Cindy?

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