Below Deck Season 11 Cast: Who’s Leaving And Who May Be Coming Aboard

Below Deck season 11 airs later this year, and some of the previous crew members could be returning, while others won't be coming back to the show.

Below Deck season 11 will be airing later this year, and previous crew members could be returning, while others won’t be coming back. On every season of the Below Deck franchise, there are usually one or more familiar faces who return to the show, along with the Captain. These crew members are well-known and become fan-favorites, bringing in more excitement for another season of Below Deck.

On Below Deck season 10, franchise history was made when the season had not one, but two Captains from the show on board. Captain Lee Rosbach had to leave the boat in the beginning of the season due to an injury in his left leg, which caused nerve damage. He had trouble getting around the boat, and went home to consult his doctor about treatment. Captain Sandy Yawn from Below Deck Mediterranean stepped in and took charge of the crew while Captain Lee was gone, and molded them into better yachties. However, not all of these yachties will be coming aboard for Below Deck season 11.

Captain Lee Rosbach – Not Returning

Below Deck star Captain Lee

After being on Below Deck for 11 seasons, Captain Lee sadly won’t be returning next season. Due to his ongoing health issues, it was unclear whether he could make it through a whole charter season, so he wasn’t asked back on the show. “I did not quit. I did not retire. I was just not invited back. I guess I can see their point of view. They really couldn’t get a straight answer from anyone on how my health was,” Captain Lee explained to US Weekly about firing rumors. It was also reported by ET that Captain Kerry Titheradge from Below Deck Adventure will be replacing Captain Lee.

Chef Rachel Hargrove – Not Returning

Chef Rachel Hargrove appeared on Below Deck seasons 8 through 10, but has officially stepped away from the show for good. During Below Deck season 8, she walked off the boat because of a charter guest’s unattainable demands. Rachel returned the next day, and luckily Captain Lee gave her another chance. The former Below Deck Chef also made headlines when she threw shade at Southern Charm star Austen Kroll on Twitter. Rachel was contacted by a Bravo PR Rep for her inappropriate behavior, and shared the texts on social media, which were reposted by Bravo Breaking News. Because of this incident, it’s safe to say she won’t return.

Fraser Olender – Possibly Returning

Fraser Olender From Below Deck smiling in front of a flag

Fraser Olender started on Below Deck season 9 as a second stew. He worked his way up to become a Chief Stew on Below Deck season 10, making history as the first male on the original show in this position. Even though Fraser had a rough charter season at first, he became a better Chief Stew under Captain Sandy’s management. According to Show Star News, it looks like Fraser will return for Below Deck season 11 because Captain Kerry followed him on Instagram, along with the other new crew members.

Hayley De Sola Pinto – Likely Not Returning

Cast photo of Hayley De Sola Pinto from Below Deck season 10.

Hayley De Sola Pinto was the comic relief on the last season of Below Deck as one of the stews. She rarely got into drama, did her job well, and always showed respect for those in management positions. However, Hayley wasn’t as popular as the other Below Deck cast members, so it’s not likely that she’ll return for another season.

Camille Lamb – Likely Not Returning

Camille Lamb from Below Deck smiling in uniform in front of flag.

Camille Lamb was at the center of the drama on Below Deck season 10 and ended up getting fired for drinking on charter, among other things. The deck/stew was very lazy, and wouldn’t do certain tasks when asked by Fraser or Bosun Ross McHarg. Camille often seemed distracted, and spent her time flirting with deckhand Ben Willoughby instead of doing her job. She also got into a heated feud with her fellow stew Alissa Humber, and refused to take direction from her. Since Camille caused so much drama on the show, it’s not likely that she’ll come back for Below Deck season 11.

Alissa Humber – Likely Not Returning

Alissa Humber from Below Deck season 10 stands in front of harbor wearing uniform

Although Camille came off as the guilty one during her arguments with Alissa, the second stew was no better either. On Below Deck season 10, Alissa talked down to Camille and made rude comments about her under her breath. She also disrespected Captain Sandy by talking behind her back and having an attitude when given direction, which ultimately caused her to be fired. Due to Alissa’s negative reputation on the show, it would be surprising if she was a crew member on Below Deck season 11.

Ross McHarg – Likely Not Returning

Below Deck Season 10's Ross McHarg

Ross did a great job as Bosun on Below Deck season 10, but he displayed creepy behavior. He had a boatmance during the season with deckhand Katie Glaser, but constantly remained unfaithful to her because he was seen flirting with other women – one being Alissa. Though Ross still excelled at his job, he wasn’t the most pleasant person to watch on Below Deck, so he probably won’t be on the newest season.

Ben Willoughby – Possibly Returning

Below Deck's Ben Willoughby in a confessional

Ben was one of the most beloved cast members as a Lead Deckhand on Below Deck season 10. He was caught in multiple boatmances with both Camille and the new second stew, Leigh-Ann Smith. Show Star News reported that Ben will be returning for Below Deck season 11, since Captain Kerry and the other potential new crew members are following him on Instagram.

Katie Glaser – Likely Not Returning

Katie Glaser from Below Deck season 10

Katie succeeded as a deckhand on Below Deck season 10, even though she seemed distracted at times by her boatmance with Ross. She worked hard during the day, but had difficult moments when the crew went out at night because of Ross’ flirtatious behavior. Because Katie didn’t have a memorable presence on Below Deck aside from her fling with Ross, it’s likely that she won’t come back for another season on the show.

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