Below Deck Down Under- Will Margot Sisson & Harry Van Vliet Take Their Relationship To The Next Level?

Below Deck Down Under's Margot Sisson and Harry Van Vliet share good chemistry. The duo seems to have the potential to become a strong couple.

Margot Sisson from Below Deck Down Under seems to hold a great relationship with Harry Van Vliet after season 2. The 28-year-old Seattle resident joined the popular reality TV spinoff as the third Stewardess. At the time, she befriended the entire crew and became an important part of Chief Stew Aesha Scott’s team. Since Margot is young and smart, she wowed almost everyone on the yacht. However, Harry was the first to fall for her charm. The 23-year-old Australian man adored the new Stew and had a crush on her when she appeared on the season.

Unfortunately for Harry, he couldn’t quickly take things forward with Margot. As a result, Luke Jones sneaked in and tricked the 28-year-old woman into kissing him. At one point, Luke crawled into drunk Margot’s bed without clothes. Thankfully, the filming crew stopped him before he crossed the line completely. After Captain Jason Chambers fired Luke for that offense, Harry stepped in to comfort Margot as a friend and a nice guy. While the two seemed to have a blooming romance, Margot expressed her waning disinterest in dating him. The previews showed Margot kissing João Franco, hinting that Harry couldn’t build a lasting relationship with her.

Margot Only Sees Harry As A Friend

Margot doesn’t like younger guys and has previously revealed that Harry can be “a bit much” to handle, which is a turn-off. She even told Aesha that she didn’t feel the spark with Harry after the first date. For now, signs suggest that Margot and Harry didn’t romantically take their relationship to the next level. However, they seem to have mutual respect and love each other as close friends. In August 2023, Margot and Harry posted a cute selfie on Instagram. The young Below Deck Down Under Deckhand wrote a friendly message for the Stew, and she responded. Margot wrote, “love you forever and always I am hugging you from a million miles away.”

Will Margot Tell Harry How She Really Feels?

Harry Van Vliet Below Deck Down Under in uniform

The fact that Harry and Margot are still addressing each other with love shows they deeply care for each other. However, it seems things won’t work out between the two, and their boatmance will fizzle out in season 2. Margot is a straightforward and confident young woman. She’ll likely tell Harry about her lack of spark, although she’s been trying to avoid expressing that on the show. The Deckhand will probably understand Margot’s side as well. There have been multiple romances in the Below Deck franchise that didn’t end well. However, Harry and Margot will likely not feud with each other due to their nice personalities.

There are many reasons why Margot didn’t want to pursue Harry. He’s young, inexperienced, and likely not her type. Moreover, she knows it would have been hard to continue a relationship with him, considering they live countries apart. Harry is from Australia and is in a completely different field of work. In comparison, Margot is from Seattle, United States. If the third Stew had sparked a romance with her Deckhand, she would have had to continue a long-distance relationship. Therefore, the Below Deck Down Under star made a smart choice by staying friends with him and not ruining things by getting into a relationship.

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