Below Deck Down Under spoilers: Does Adam get fired?

Below Deck Down Under viewers were left with quite the cliffhanger last week when Adam Kodra released the anchor while the Northern Sun yacht was still moving.

The scene featured Captain Jason Chambers radioing Adam to stop.

It was too late, though, because the anchor was in the water.

Bosun Joao Franco raced to help before serious damage was done to the luxury yacht or Adam with a To Be Continued flashing to end the episode.

Thanks to Bravo, Below Deck Down Under fans have been given a look at what happens next in a new sneak peek.

Let’s just say the first few minutes of the next episode are intense.

Fixing Adam Korda’s mistake on Below Deck Down Under

Joao arrives to deal with the situation quickly as he and Adam work to prevent anything serious from happening. They manage to safely get the anchor secured in the shackle while Captain Jason Chambers navigates the boat into the right spot to drop it again.

In his confessional, Captain Jason reiterates all the reasons why what Adam did was a mistake as well as dangerous. Meanwhile, in his confessional, Adam freaks out at his error, declaring dropping the anchor is so different from commercial yachting.

A flip of a scene reveals the guests are completely unaware of the drama going on with the deck team. Chief stew Aesha Scott keeps them engaged by asking entertaining questions.

Back with Adam and Joao, they get the go-ahead to drop the anchor again, and it’s a success this time. However, that’s the least of their problems because Captain Jason isn’t happy at all.

Does Captain Jason Chambers fire Adam Korda on Below Deck Down Under?

After the anchoring is all set, Captain Jason calls Joao to the bridge for a meeting. The captain expresses frustration with various things Adam has done and begins to question if the deckhand needs to go.

Joao steps up to defend Adam. Despite his lack of experience, Joao believes Adam’s on his way to being a good deckhand. In his confessional, the bosun shares how he can help Adam, even taking a dig at Culver Bradbury to state his case.

Unfortunately, Captain Jason doesn’t agree because he needs experience for the rest of the season and seems ready to make a change. Captain Jason wants to think about it while also talking to some of the other crew members before making a decision.

As Monsters and Critics previously reported, another crew member does get fired before Season 2 ends. All signs point to that person being Adam and his firing happening on the next episode of the show.

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