Ada Nicodemou hints at darker story for Leah Patterson

"The stuff I'm filming at the moment is pretty heavy."

Home and Away star Ada Nicodemou has hinted at a darker storyline to come for her character Leah Patterson on the soap.

The actress has been a staple of the show for 23 years, and teased in a new interview that the drama in Summer Bay shows no signs of abating.

“The stuff I’m filming at the moment is pretty heavy,” she revealed to Today. “There will be some light like right at the end of the tunnel, but it’s a long road ahead.

leah patterson and justin morgan in home and away
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“And look it’s not like every week it’s all dark, there has been some lightness,” Ada added.

“I’m lucky that my character and James [Stewart’s] character get to do some light comedy stuff, and Theo… there’s a lot of laughs both on and off screen.”

As the soap tends to film a few months ahead of broadcast, it seems like it will be a little while until fans will get to watch these scenes.

ada nicodemou
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Last year, Ada opened up about her long-term plans on the soap, reassuring fans that she will be staying put in Summer Bay.

“I am really happy here; I enjoy it. I have great friends, why would I leave such a great job?” she told The West Australian. “I have been doing it for so long that it’s part of my life now. I manage to still be mum, and a partner, and to work – it’s a great lifestyle.”

The star added: “Yeah, there are long hours, and you have your challenging days but overall, it’s a really fun job, working with people you enjoy working with, and I get to travel, and go to great events like Telethon and meet amazing people.”

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