6 Emmerdale spoilers next week: Dan pleads guilty, Gabby tries it on with Billy

Things go from bad to worse for Dan in Emmerdale as he struggles to come to terms with his guilt.

With Lloyd still in hospital and not progressing too much, the thought of a manslaughter charge isn’t far away from his mind – and when he pleads guilty, will he live to regret admitting this? And how will Amelia feel?

Plus, Nate makes a discovery and Gabby makes a surprising move on Billy…

Read on for all the latest Emmerdale spoilers for Monday 31st July – Friday 4th August 2023.

1. Dan’s life hangs in the balance

Emmerdale's Dan looks concerned
Emmerdale’s Dan looks concerned.

Wendy has some surprising news for Dan, and it isn’t what he thought – the hospital would be taking Lloyd out of his coma. While it’s good news that he should survive and Dan’s likely to avoid a manslaughter charge, he is still worried about his GBH charge.

Meanwhile, Amelia sees Julie, who is quick to confront her and verbally attacks her – but with good reason. It transpires Lloyd isn’t coming out of his coma after all. Julie is more determined than ever to bring Amelia down as she leaves. Will Lloyd pull through after all?

2. Amelia makes things worse?

Emmerdale's Amelia in the police station
Emmerdale’s Amelia in the police station.

Amelia has a heart-to-heart with Sarah, who has a not-so-bright idea to lie to the police about Lloyd assaulting her. With Amelia pondering what to do, Sarah backtracks and tries to make sure Amelia doesn’t do anything she will come to regret.

However, when Amelia goes missing, Sarah panics and opens up to Dan on where Amelia could be – and what she could be doing. Victoria and Dan run out, worried about whether they can reach Amelia in time. As the young mum braces herself to lie to the police, will she go through with it for her dad?

3. Dan is struck by his guilt

Emmerdale's Dan in court
Emmerdale’s Dan stands in court.

Later on, it’s the day of Dan’s hearing and it’s time for him to make his plea. At the court, Amelia is devastated to see Julie there – and her appearance is too much for Dan, who pleads guilty after suffering from terrible memories of attacking Lloyd.

Amelia can’t face her dad after what’s he’s done. What does the future hold for Dan now he’s made his plea?

4. Nate makes a discovery amid financial woes

Emmerdale's Nate talks to Caleb
Emmerdale’s Nate talks to Caleb.

Nate continues to struggle with his financial situation, and while Tracy is full of optimism, he finds it hard to feel as energetic. Newcomer Corey arrives with a job opportunity for the garage and Cain’s intrigued by what he has to say.

It later transpires that Nate knows Corey from school, and the pair share a pint. While Corey’s success is evident, Nate’s worries are on full show, and it isn’t long before he begs Corey for a job. However, Corey doesn’t have anything for him while Nate is downbeat.

Later on, Nate heads back to see Corey and he’s surprised to see Caleb there, with his cover as a silent investor completely blown. While Nate pieces everything together, Caleb tries to backtrack and cover what he’s really doing. But Nate spots an opportunity and asks for a job or he’ll tell Cain about his connection with Corey. Will Nate get what he wants?

5. Emmerdale gets a new bus stop

Emmerdale's new bus stop
Emmerdale’s new bus stop.

Nicola is thrilled at the thought that the new bus stop is finished, but Bernice isn’t really bothered about it, much to Nicola’s despair. Nicola is struggling with her stress and snaps at Bernice, revealing that the bus stop is actually a tribute to Liv and Harriet, who died in 2022’s storm week.

At the grand unveiling, Nicola is heartened to see a good turnout for the new memorial, and while she attempts to make a speech, she’s interrupted by Colin’s arrival – who demands to start the ceremony again after an embarrassing outburst.

Colin doesn’t realise he’s being filmed by a reporter, and it isn’t long before he goes viral on social media! Nicola can’t hide her enjoyment of it all, but Laurel’s left feeling uneasy…

6. Gabby tries it on with Billy

Emmerdale's Gabby flirts with Billy
Emmerdale’s Gabby flirts with Billy.

Heartbroken Gabby is shocked to see Nicky and Suni kissing, and she tries to land a punch on her ex-fiancé. However, she ends up catching Billy in the process. Billy takes Gabby out of the situation and consoles her, leading Gabby to get the wrong end of the stick as she leans in for a kiss!

Billy reassures her he won’t say anything to Dawn, but Gabby can’t hide her awkwardness – or her lingering looks towards him… Will there be a new love triangle on the way?

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