35 EastEnders pictures for next week reveal what happens next in Cindy story as Lily gives birth and a stalker is caught

EastEnders spoiler pictures for next week confirm that it’s yet another unmissable one, with the show’s stalker storyline reaching a dramatic peak.

If you’re eager for a look at what’s to come, including Cindy Beale aftermath and the terrifying situation in which Stacey Slater (Lacey Turner) finds herself, then feast your eyes on the above picture gallery.

Theo Hawthorne (William Ellis), who has been secretly stalking Stacey for the past couple of months, is convinced that he can progress to the next level with her as she joins him to celebrate his new job.

Little does he know, however, that Martin Fowler (James Bye) and Eve Unwin (Heather Peace) have worked out that he is the stalker.

Freddie enters the Vic, riddled with guilt (Picture: BBC)
He and Anna share a glance, knowing there is a spark between them following their one-night-stand (Picture: BBC)
Freddie wrestles with his conscience over what to do (Picture: BBC)
After some contemplation, he confides in Alfie (Picture: BBC)
Alfie warns Freddie to keep what happened a secret for Bobby's sake (Picture: BBC)
Elaine receives some flowers (Picture: BBC)
But the smile is soon wiped from her face! (Picture: BBC)
Martin and Eve are on the hunt for clues about Theo (Picture: BBC)
A former colleague of Theo's meets with the duo and reveals some sinister details (Picture: BBC)
The realisation dawns on Martin and Eve - Theo is Stacey's stalker! (Picture: BBC)
With Lily having gone into labour, Stacey returns to the kitchen to retrieve some towels, but is horrified by what has finds... (Picture: BBC)
Theo has broken in, despite Stacey having kicked him out earlier that day (Picture: BBC)
Stacey shuts the door as she confronts Theo, knowing the truth about who he is now (Picture: BBC)
Theo tries to take control of the situation (Picture: BBC)
Stacey, meanwhile, realises that she is trapped (Picture: BBC)
Ben is summoned home by Callum to comfort Lexi (Picture: BBC)
It's been a tough day for Lexi, as it's her first day of secondary school and she misses her mum (Picture: BBC)
Callum worries about Ben, who insists he's okay (Picture: BBC)
Peter encourages Ian to make things right with Kathy (Picture: BBC)
Nish enters the cafe, where he comes face-to-face with Ian (Picture: BBC)
Ian introduces himself, having had a brainwave about a new plan, inviting Nish for lunch (Picture: BBC)
Sonia and Reiss head to their first fertility appointment (Picture: BBC)
They meet with the doctor (Picture: BBC)
Reiss feels intimidated by the situation (Picture: BBC)
Ian prepares the food for his business lunch with Suki and Nish (Picture: BBC)
The lunch, however, doesn't go to plan (Picture: BBC)
Before long, any potential deal is taken off the table! (Picture: BBC)
Ben talks to Jay at the car lot (Picture: BBC)
Ian isn't giving up on his hopes of winning Nish around as he discusses matters with Peter (Picture: BBC)
The Walford icon is desperate for his business deal with Nish to progress (Picture: BBC)
He invites Nish to the cafe for a taster menu (Picture: BBC)
Without a plan, Ian turns to Alfie for help (Picture: BBC)
Alfie and Ian subsequently bond over a heart-to-heart about their insecurities. (Picture: BBC)
Freddie has a lot on his mind after Ian exposes the truth about his one night stand with Anna (Picture: BBC)
Reiss is left upset when his fertility becomes the talk of the town after a run-in with Karen at the launderette (Picture: BBC)

Lily (Lillia Turner), meanwhile, is left in shock when her waters break. Jean (Gillian Wright) arrives home to find her in labour and, with the ambulance delayed, everyone prepares for Lily to deliver the baby at home. Stacey heads to the kitchen to retrieve some towels but, to her horror, Theo is back inside.

A horrific showdown ensues, with Stacey left in serious danger, but just how will this ordeal come to an end? Will Theo finally get his comeuppance?

What’s more, will Lily’s baby be okay?

EastEnders Week 36 gallery
The drama just keeps on flowing in Albert Square – with another heart-racing week in EastEnders lined up

Over at The Vic, Cindy (Michelle Collins) makes it her mission to make amends with Gina (Francesca Henry), who isn’t interested, humiliating her mum in front of all the punters.

Peter Beale (Thomas Law), meanwhile, tries to persuade Ian (Adam Woodyatt) to make things right with Kathy (Gillian Taylforth), but the businessman’s focus is soon elsewhere.

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