As Young & Restless’ Sharon and Chance Grow Closer, Find Out Who Stole a Kiss Behind the Scenes

As the 50th-anniversary celebrations continue at Young & Restless, footage was captured of many of the stars hanging out behind the scenes on the Crimson Lights set. Among them? Sharon Case and Conner Floyd, who play Genoa City’s Sharon and Chance, a couple who is growing closer by the day.

While Sharon and Chance have only been on one date (and it was cut short) they have an increasing number of fans rooting for them to find some love in the afternoon together. Sure, there are complications, but they both deserve a fling if nothing else. Case and Floyd were no-brainers as additions to the coffee house vid, as that’s the set where they spend most of their time.

But they’re not the only ones. Also captured on candid camera were Amelia Heinle and Sean Dominic. Their characters, Victoria and Nate, carried on an affair and got caught by his girlfriend. What will happen next with them is anyone’s guess, but fans won’t want to miss seeing them in this fun video as Heinle is wearing something totally unexpected (that looks adorable on her, of course).

Courtney Hope (Sally), Elizabeth Hendrickson (Chloe), and Melissa Claire Egan (Chelsea) do a little routine while holding coffee cups, and not one, but two, kisses are stolen during the behind the scenes hi-jinks. Melissa Ordway (Abby) gives a sweet peck to her onscreen love Bryton James (Devon), and Michael Graziadei (Daniel) gets one from past and present scene partner, Christel Khalil (Lily).

One of our favorite parts of the video, which Lauralee Bell (Christine) explains was taken over several days, had to be Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki) walking in a red dress with a slow-mo effect. Fiyah! Bell elaborated, “We had access to the set for a few quick days between scenes sometimes without lights. So if you don’t see some cast members it’s just because people weren’t in on those days.”

As with all good soap stories, Bell left us with a teaser: “There was someone in a booth that I had to edit out so it didn’t give away a story coming up. I’ll put that picture out when the person airs in a few weeks.”

See if your favorites made the cut and watch the full video below:

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