EastEnders star Danny Walters confirms major curveball ahead for Keanu and Sharon

EastEnders star Danny Walters has confirmed that a major curveball is on the cards for Keanu Taylor and Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean) in upcoming episodes, and we are more than intrigued.

They have been on and off more than a light switch in the Queen Vic, but Keanu is set to make one final move as he makes a major declaration of love for the mother of his child.

The idea comes to him after a conversation with ex Sam Mitchell (Kim Medcalf) which sees her give him some advice over the state of his love life.

‘He starts to get an idea of how he can get back with Sharon. Essentially, Sam does instigate Keanu’s motive’, Danny told us recently.

‘At the time, Sam isn’t aware of what Keanu wants or what he’s trying to do but she can see how he’s a bit upset and hurt from feeling dismissed and neglected by Sharon.

Keanu and Sharon sit on a bench with Albie in his pram in EastEnders
Can Sharon and Keanu make things work for Albie’s sake (Picture: BBC)

‘The advice comes from the friendship that they now have and I think Sam is someone Keanu can trust and seek advice from, so she really helps him in this situation.’

After talking to Sam and another chat with mum Karen (Lorraine Stanley), his plan to make a grand gesture is solidified.

‘In Keanu’s head, he’s had the advice from Sam and Karen about how to make a relationship work’, Danny explained.

‘During this whole scene, Keanu is blinded but also very driven by his heart and what you’ll see doesn’t essentially go to plan for Keanu – of course it doesn’t, it’s a soap so nothing ever goes to plan!

‘But, his heart is in the right place and his intention is quite pure and innocent and he’s being quite vulnerable, which is a side to Keanu we haven’t really seen. Hopefully that reflects the kind of character he is.’

With Sharon now back in business with ex-husband Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden), could he pose a threat to Keanu’s happiness with Sharon?

ondering over their past feud, Danny said: ‘I don’t really think Keanu thinks too much of Phil. What I mean by that is Keanu’s focus and energy is on his family. Right now, Albie is the most important person to him.

‘I think Keanu is very headstrong and can be very irrational at times so he doesn’t really think about the bigger picture or the consequences.

‘I don’t think he’s too scared of Phil Mitchell but he’s a father that just wants to protect and provide for his son.’

Will things ever work out between this seemingly doomed pair?

‘This show always likes to throw curveballs to make conflict and drama! I hope they work out for Albie and his upbringing but we’ll have to wait and see what happens in the future!’

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