Who owns a Property?

Who owns a Property?There are times when you want to know who owns a property and you need to know it accurately.  Years ago, you had to go to the county offices and find that data by hand.  Nowadays, there are internet searches available by county that can tell you who owns a property with just the click of a button. Why do you want to know who owns a property?  Perhaps you are on neighboring land and have a dispute with the property owners or want to arrange an easement or some other property-related arrangements.  Perhaps you are interested in who owns a property because you want to buy all or part of the land.  There are areas of land that are yet to be cut or cultivated and the owner doesn’t actually live there.  Using different methods of selection, you can find who owns a property on your computer without much difficulty.

You may only get identifying information about the property owners and not information about how to contact them but at least it’s a start. Perhaps you want to find out who owns a property and other identifying information about the property in order to do a purchase contract.  This is primarily for realtors and tax officials but regular people can do it, too.  You can dig into the basic history of the property and find out who owns a property currently.  You can’t rely on just MLS data to give you the information you’re looking for; finding out who owns a property can also tell you how much a home is worth and how much they paid for the home in the beginning.

When you find out who owns a property, there is a wealth of information you can get out of the property search.  You might find out if the sellers are getting a divorce which would affect your offer price.  You can find out how often the property had been withdrawn from the real estate market and then relisted again.  In finding out who owns the property, you can determine how long the person selling the property has owned the home and if the property is being sold as a part of a short sale.  If there have been a set of improvements done to the property without obtaining a permit, you can find that out when you find out who owns a property.  If the home happens to be in foreclosure, this is the information you can find out in your property search.

You can find out who owns a property by going to the county offices where property records are kept.  This can be city hall, the county courthouse or the county recorder’s office.  There you can find property deeds or perhaps encumbrances.  The federal court system has information on whether the person who owns a property is under bankruptcy.  They county can tell you if there is litigation related to the property or not. When you have found who owns the property, you can do an online search to find the person’s home address.  It costs money to do this but it is generally worth it.  Once you know where a person who owns a property lives, you can contact them for further information about the property and you can figure out if the property is for sale.  Once you’ve made the deal, the property is yours.

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